Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wow, has it really been almost three weeks since I've posted? You guys should string me up in my own web - hehehe!

I'm glad for spring to be almost here. I say almost because we had snow just a couple of days ago. Yes, snow. It didn't stick, but it was really pretty falling. Except it wasn't pretty because IT'S SPRING!

Lane and I ordered a bunch of lawn stuff (pavers, retaining wall bricks and mulch mostly) to work on leveling our flowerbeds and laying a path where the dogs walk through one of them frequently. It's already arrived, so now I need to find time to get out there and work on it. Good luck, you say? You've got that right!

Got to close now - I'm bushed. Love you all!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sunsets and Sanity

Life is good when you can look out your back door and see such a drop-dead gorgeous sunset. I especially needed this today as I've been even crankier that yesterday. The last couple of days have featured messed up sleep (last night I didn't fall sleep until around 4:30). The night before wasn't much better, so tonight is definitely a Lunesta night. Anyway, I ended up in the line from hell at WalMart. The girl was training and none too smart to begin with. Then the b*t@h, I mean chick in front of me wrote a check - Who (other than my elderly mother) writes checks these days? Holy cow!! Total time spent in line: 45 minutes. Yeah, I called and complained. Evidently I threw a big enough fit that the experienced cashier helped the girl catch the line up after I left.
On a positive note, I'm loving doing Dance Dance Revoloution for my cardio. I've upped my calorie burn as I get better and better at the game. It's tons of fun. I also got wrist weights since I've reached a plateau on my Wii tennis. *That* upped the difficulty factor (and messed up my score a little, but I'm catching back up).
My Wii tennis and weight workouts on my arms have paid off. When I went for my treatment last time, the nurse who did my bloodwork found a new vein that accessed super easy, and the next day the treatment IV slid effortlessly into still another new vein. Thank goodness because we were doing 4-5 sticks per visit, including very painfully digging trying (unsuccessfully) to make some of them work.
Also, I'm really glad Megan and Anoop didn't get kicked off of Idol. I thought Jasmine was a bad choice for wildcard from the start, but I thought Jorge would do better. What do they say? Song choice, song choice, song choice!! My favorites though are Adam, Danny, and Alexis (I'd forgotten all about Dirty Diana - kudos Alexis) - this week anyway. Can wait to see how next week goes.
Even cranky, I love you guys!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Just finished reading PRIDE by Rachel Vincent

It was everything I expected, but now I have to wait for PREY coming in July 09. *sigh* Not too big a deal because now I can catch up on my Jordan Dane novels. What's next in line?


This will be my second Jordan Dane, and after loving the first, I'm greatly looking forward to this one. Her new series has already begun coming out, so I'm eager to catch up.

Anyway, back to PRIDE. It was everything I'd hoped it would be. Action, plot twists, tender moments that had me on the verge of tears... There are few authors I can read these days without being in writer critique mode. These two authors and others have managed to turn me back into a reader and have returned that simple pleasure to me. I highly recommend them both.

Well, I had a rough night last night. Some friends came over and we wrote all day Saturday, then stayed up and watched movies until about 1 am. I was so sleepy and went straight to bed, but did I go to sleep? Oh no. Around 2:30 I broke down and took a Lunesta (I hate to take them so late because I sleep really, really late). Tonight I took one tonight at 7:30 to make sure I'm asleep around 9 to start the week off right. It's so much easier if I'm up by 8:30 am, and that's hard to do if I fall asleep later than 10:30.

Enough about the insanity of my sleep rhythms. Happy reading everyone and have a great week!