Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Forgot this part...

What am I reading while I wait for my pre-ordered copy of PRIDE by Rachel Vincent to arrive?

Darker Masques
An anthology featuring Ray Bradbury, Graham Masterson, and others

Is it really the end of January already?

WOW. October, November, and December gone. It's hard to believe I was that sick that three months slipped by me. January has been much better. I'm about to get caught up around the old web.

My Silhouette Nocturne is officially on the editor's desk after three tries. Naturally I forgot to include the synopsis in the package, but she was sweet and let me email it. I heard from an agent I'd queried months ago requesting a partial on my contemporary so woo hoo!!

Not much else going on. I'm about to settle into work on the WIP and then various housecleaning activities. It's still icy outside, so no going into town for me today. Hopefully it'll melt off tomorrow. The high today is supposed to be 35, but I don't think it'll be above freezing long enough to melt much. Maybe, if the sun stays out.

I'm feeling fabulous these days albeit now 30 lbs overweight instead of 20. Darn those steroids!! This is my last week on them. It's not supposed to be my last week, but I'm making it the last. I'm tired of the moon face, night sweats, and appetite from hell.

I have a new little nephew and he is sooooooo cute! Got to go see him briefly last week. Got to love those babies. My granddaughter and I had our first "Nana and Brooklynn" day week before last and we had a ball. We have enough Barbies to pilot a battleship but not as many Kens - isn't that always the way? Today or tomorrow I plan to put together a dollhouse-shaped bookshelf to go with her Barbie Disco Ball house (or whatever they call it) for more furniture room. We have three Barbie cars too.

The dh and I are officially empty nesters. The last child moved out a couple of weeks ago. We sure do miss her.

I'd better get busy now. I'm also on Facebook now, btw. That is so addictive!

Love ya,