Thursday, February 19, 2009

Strange Days

What a weird day today. It started with a crazy night of nightmares and weird dreams. It was like all the crazy dreams I've ever had rolled into one continuous depressing mess. I couldn't find my car or if I did it was torn up. I left my purse laying around and it got stolen and I was upset because my PDA was gone. I also couldn't get anywhere I needed to go. I did figure out I was in Branson MO instead of at my mom's house where I was supposed to be. If I did manage to end up in mom's house, I had too many clothes to fit in my suitcase.

I had forgotten to buy my airline tickets for national conference. Then I was at the conference hotel and had lost my key. The guy at the desk went to get another key but never came back. Then I couldn't remember my room number.

I talked about being in a purple funk a while back, but this was the worst ever.

Then the grandkids came over and all is sunshine and light. God did good when he created grandkids!! Also my new housekeeper is coming tomorrow and I'm so excited!!

So goes the rollercoaster of my life. Hope yours is going well!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's Here!!

Too tired to say much, but I had to shout out that my copy of PRIDE finally arrived today - woo hoo!

Love ya,

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Monday All!

Listening to Heart's Bebe Le Strange - gotta love it!

Got word that my copy of Rachel Vincent's PRIDE has finally shipped so it should be here any day now - yippee!!

In the meantime, Maureen Child's VANISHED was well worth the read. If you don't have a copy, I highly recommend it. The ending was somewhat predictable but still satisfying.

Also in the package with PRIDE is Jordan Dane's lastest. I still have to read NO ONE LEFT TO TELL and the other 'no one' book - man, my memory is the pits these days. They say chemo can't pass the blood brain barrier, but I think that's bullcorn. I used to have such a great memory and now I can' hardly recall my name on some days. Well, it's not relly that bad...

Tonight is my youngest's 21st birthday, so I'm taking him to Cattleman's for a steak dinner. He's going to college about 60 miles away and is doing really well. He's had a rough start (of his own making), so he's had to do the last year or so on his own, and has been successful, I'm proud to say.

Had dinner at the bff's yesterday - yummy! She's a great cook which is probably why her in-laws are always dropping in to stay whether they would admit it or not. They're kind of you-know-what holes.

Well, it's time to go write for a while. Love ya!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great day today

On the trusty MP3: The slow version of Eric Clapton's "Layla"

What am I reading while I wait for my PREORDERED copy of Rachel Vincent's PRIDE to come in (even though Walmart has tons of copies - I'll never trust Amazon again!)

Vanished (Silhouette Nocturne)
by Maureen Child

Now this book fits my definition of a grabber. I've hardly been able to put it down since I started it. The hero is the height of sexy and the heroine is independent without being TSTL (too stupid to live). She does manage to get herself into trouble and need rescuing, but in ways that make perfect sense. Ms. Child's demons are less like the modern version (which so often end up being heroes) and more like the demons of old. The only thing that bothers me is that the author keeps repeating that the demons can't be killed in this dimension. I'm wondering why she chose that particular rule. She mentions it in almost every demon confrontation, so it seems very important to her that the hero doesn't kill them. I'd just as soon he dispatched them for good.

At any rate, the issue isn't enough to distract me from the excellent story. I love a book that lets me be a reader instead of an ever-critiquing writer. That's a rare quality indeed.

I designated today as a writing day since I didn't get much done last week due to an overabundance of medical appointments. I got a ton done on the WIP - yay! Tomorrow is errands day and catch up on some housework, and then hopefully I can devote the early part of Thursday to writing again.

I'm eager to see how Vanished ends, so must sign off now. Love to all!


Friday, February 06, 2009

Laughter for the Weekend

Sending you into the weekend with the funniest video I've seen in a long time...

Love ya!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hi, I'm Pinkie, and I'm a Facebook Addict

I absolutely love Facebook. It is the number 1 waste of time ever! What a great way to keep up and learn more about your friends.

Today is a good day. I met with my CP's last night and that's always a big boost to the mood. If laughter helps you live longer, they've added at least 10 years to my life so far (and I need all I can get!!) For those that don't know, my breast cancer metastisized to the bone and is now incurable. Don't worry yet, though. It's been 3-1/2 years since we found tiny (barely enough for a definitive biopsy) and there's been no growth. God has my back and my friends keep me young. My family loves me no matter what, and my husband is devoted like no other man will ever be. I go to a wonderful church and *love* my family there.

Because of the cancer, I was able to quit work and go on SS disability. Now I pursue the things I love most - writing, church, family (esp. kids and grandkids!), and my household. I'm not a great housekeeper, but I love what I do. As Rick Warren says, God never wastes a hurt!

Speaking of housekeeping and writing - I need to get busy. How is it I never get caught up???

Love ya!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Purple Funk

I've always loved that expression: purple funk. It's so descriptive of the dark clouds of dissatisfaction that periodically shadow our lives. For me, it usually means that someone in the periphery of my life is not behaving as I wish they would. *sigh* Darn these people for having their own opinions and thoughts! hehehe!

Not too much else going on. This is oncologist week as well as treatment time. I also have a visit to the GI specialist tomorrow. I've been doing well keeping up my weight training so hopefully the veins in my arms will be more accessible than last treatment. While I was in the hospital they all decided to run and hide, and can you blame them? I've also regained my PRO status in Wii Tennis (just barely!). I've worked my way up to playing 45 minutes now, so I'm doing good.

Yesterday was my last day on the steroids, and the side effects are already starting to disappear. I wasn't sure if it would take time to get them out of my system or not. Thank goodness.

Better run and get my last tasks done before time to sleep!