Thursday, October 02, 2008

Tuesday's trip to Niagara Falls

The mist thrown up from Niagra is the first thing you see. It goes hundreds of feet up into the air. Remember, this originates from the bottom of the falls where the water hits the rocks.

The instant we approached the falls, the power was evident. The water is filled with white caps long before it reaches the drop off. The sound is a roar.

A fabulous distance view of the falls - notice how high the mist is thrown into the air.

No picture can do justice to the sight of all this water boiling over the rocks, then plummeting over the side and down to the rocks below. It's the most awesome and awe-of-God inspiring sight Lane and I have ever seen. We just stood there, mouths agape. Lane felt that if we'd turned around here and headed home, the trip would have been worth it.

A light shower fell for a few minutes, and we were rewarded by this fabulous rainbow!!

The bottom of the falls.

It's hard to see, but there's change scattered on these rocks. How do you miss Niagra Falls? Hehehe! It's not that far (a couple feet) from the fence.

Here are a couple of really cool downriver pictures taken at Niagra.

Back in the good ole' USA!!!
I have lots more pictures from Wednesday and today to download from my camera, but I'm tired!!! I'll post more tomorrow evening or perhaps the next. Love you all and miss you!

Port Huron and Through Canada

This is our camp at Port Huron. Very beautiful and nice. We ate supper at Appleby's and the waittress introduced herself and said 'I'll be helping yous.'

Here we are driving into Ontario, Canada. The border guy was really nice but asked a ton of questions. He came into our camper and looked around a bit. We had to show them the dogs' rabies certificates.

The speed limit was 100 in Canada!! Don't get excited, though. It's kilometers per hour which equals about 60 mph.

No billboards allowed along the highway in Canada. We only saw this one and one other, and they were way, way out in the farm fields. The countryside was incredible as you'll see with these pictures.

This is either Lake Erie or Ontario. Not sure which. The shot doesn't do it justice!

Hopping on the QEW to Niagra Falls! Notice the shape of the highway designation is a crown.

More pictures from Monday night

This highway BB was a real booger to find. I finally located it on Mapquest which I saved to Lane's computer. The image is unbelievable. I'll upload it later for you all to see.

Also, poor Maxie dog is having knee problems. He went out jogging with Lane and it got really bad so now he's a three legged dog. He's on pain meds and joint medication.

Love you!!!

Monday night's post

Hi everyone!! I finally got online to post vacation pictures and news.

We took off Saturday morning, and drove first to Boiling Springs Campground on the Big Piney River.
You can't tell from this picture, but the sign says "Watch for cars turning left from passing lane." Evidently, they have some people who don't know the difference between a solid yellow line and the dotted white line.
BIG WARNING HERE: Do not trust the online mileage calculators online!! The one I checked (Ingram's) said we had 339.6 miles to drive, but it was actually a little over 400. Holy crap! Our mileages have been off every day. Sunday we didn't reach Bloomington until 4:30 EST (big frown), but we had a great time. Brian and Laura cooked steaks (oh my gosh, they were sooooo good!!!) and took us on a walking tour of the Indiana University campus. Bad me, I didn't take a picture one, but maybe Laura will post some pictures of what we saw on the blog. It's a really beautiful campus.
On Monday morning, we headed for Port Huron, MI. and should have been here by about 6:00. Unfortunately, I wasn't watching the GPS, and the interchange at Lansing was really jickey. At one point Lane had announced 133 miles to Port Huron. About 45 minutes later, I picked up the GPS and thought, wouldn't that be strange if it said we had a lot more miles to go than 133?
You guessed it, it did. Somehow we'd gotten on 96 headed west. By the time we were done, we'd gone 88 miles out of the way. *sigh* We did make it to Port Huron which is where I am now. We're headed across the border through Canada with a stop at Niagra Falls and then on to Syracuse NY to spend the night. There's also supposed to be a big casino just past Syracuse that we're planning to visit.
Not too many fall colors yet, but the blogs in VT say they're really starting to turn, so it should be great once we get there!
Love you all and I'll post more soon!