Monday, August 27, 2007

House selling woes

Well, Lane and I haven't had much luck selling the old house yet. It's a good thing we're not quite desperate! Lane stopped by there on Saturday and noticed water on the kitchen floor. The little freezer we'd left there badly in need of defrosting had defrosted. Which led him to figure out the electricity was off. He called me to bring clean up supplies and to call the electric company.

I went over there and gathered up the few things we'd left in the freezer and took them out to the dumpster next to the AC unit. The unit looked really funny. When I walked up to it, it looked like it had been demolished. There was still something more not right that I couldn't put my finger on. Then Lane came back by and figured out that the compressor had been stolen. Our electricity was off because the main disconnect had been switched off and then someone had cut the tubing and all, mangled the housing, and stolen the compressor.


There seems to be a rash of such things going on because we heard at church that another congregation had had 7 compressors stolen that week. A pox on these people! A pox, I say!

Other than that, things are going good for us. Our college kids are back in school and we're really broke after all the tuition and books, etc. I've started exercising in earnest, and I'm already seeing an improvement. Unfortunately, the "change of life" symptoms are on the rise lately, so I'm not sleeping, I'm hot as hell, and grumpy to boot. *sigh* This too shall pass......

I'm traveling to Dallas to spend the night with Darlene on Thursday and then we're flying to Odessa on Friday for the holiday weekend. Yay! So, I'd better get busy and get all my stuff done so I'll be ready to take off.