Thursday, May 24, 2007

Proud Mom!

Went to Boston this past weekend to see my daughter get her master's from Boston U. Woo hoo! Will post pics when I get them from her. Dumb me forgot my camera. Off to Texas this weekend to see my mom and dad, so I'll try to get more regular about posting when I get back and things settle down.

Btw, I'm reading my first Susan Elizabeth Phillips novel - ohmigosh!! It is so good. It's called Ain't She Sweet. I can see why she's so popular!!


Thursday, May 10, 2007

I'm an Honorary Aunt!!!

My best friend had her baby yesterday - a pretty harrowing experience ending in a c-section. Mom and baby are doing fine, but Aunt Pinkie is way behind. I want to stay with mom and baby when they get released from the hospital, so I have to get my old house ready to sell and the new house much more unpacked. Gotta run but I wanted to take a minute and crow. The new little boy with no name yet weighs 7 lbs 15.5 oz (after peeing 1/2 oz on the nurses who weighed him) and is 20 inches long. I'm not exaggerating when I say he's one of the prettiest newborns I've ever seen. Amazing! Name to follow after mom recovers a bit longer...


Friday, May 04, 2007

Sittin' and Tryin' to Keep Busy

I’m sitting here in my new house with a lawn chair and my little tablemate. We’re getting the carpets cleaned, the toilets adjusted, cable-phone-internet connected, and new furniture delivered. Periodically I can connect to the internet via a neighbor’s network. I’d forgotten how much work there is to moving!

The movers come on Saturday morning, and I have probably 75-80% of my house packed. I have tables, desks, and beds to clean off. Furniture to label so it doesn’t get moved. Stuff in the storage shed and the grandkids’ room to pack. Excuse me while my eyes roll back in my head.

Okay, I’m better now.

The pool turned out to be in pretty bad shape, so the dh has been spending most of his evenings cleaning and adjusting and adding chemicals before the surface self-destructs from killer mutant algae. Saturday he gets to dive in and scrape some spots. He asked me if I could handle the movers. I said you betcha – anything rather than dive in a semi-heated pool (we have heater parts to buy too) in less than 100 degree weather.

Last night we brought the grandkids here so we could check on the pool and adjust the settings. We ate KFC (after borrowing plastic forks from the neighbor since KFC didn’t bother to give us any…) on the back porch, and food never tasted so good! Unfortunately we’ve also heard coyotes howling in the distance, so we’re worried about the dogs going out at night (the little one MUST go out every night not to pee but to do his tough dog run around the fenceline). We need to keep them out of the abundance of red mud too, so it looks like we’re going to install a dog fence around part of the sodded area. Kaching goes the money machine!!

I should have brought a cot to take a nap on. The carpets are all wet now…

I’m also hungry.

What else can I whine about? Hmmm.

Oh yeah, they disconnected my phone at the old address first thing this morning so that when you call my number, it’s says it’s not a working number. Cox is working on that now. I just want it on until the new address is hooked up so people can leave voice mails if they wish. Not that I’m good about checking them or anything…

Well that’s enough griping for now. Monday I’ll be all happy and moved in, so I’ll post a glowing report then!

Love ya all!