Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I have drugs!!!!!

We finally figured out I have an infection, and I got some medicine yesterday - yay! I feel so much better this morning. It's about time 'cause I am soooo behind on everything. I'm looking forward to catching up. Speaking of which, I'd better get to it. I'll try to post more later....


Monday, October 02, 2006

My, my, my how quickly our attitude can change. Tuesday morning, I remember sitting in my recliner, drinking coffee and watching a wren figure out how to bath in my little fountain. So cute, he couldn't quite get all the way in without his head either sticking out of the fountain or bonking on the tier above. He studied it from every angle - top, around this side, around that side. He did a test run or two. He worked so long, I probably should have known that I, too, was going to have a test in patience. You'd think sick people would be exempt from those, right? I'm innocently relaxing, getting ready to start my day and thinking how fortunate I am to be in just that spot to witness the beauty of nature....

Cue...the maniacal laughter.

I don't remember much else about Tuesday except that lunch with my grandson was good and my head was really stuffy that night. Work was hectic, but I was still keeping my head above water. Had to get my blood drawn for the upcoming Zometra treatment.

Wednesday looked to be good - did I mention I was all caught up on work to that point? That should give you a clue as to what's coming up next. Oh, yeah. The demon internet went down. My electricity has a habit of blinking off and on during the day. It used to do it about every other day, but it's gotten better. It doesn't wink off long enough to reset the clocks, but it knocks my internet, phones, and a few other things out. I got cut off from my business phone conversation, but luckily the phones recover quickly. Not so with the internet.

Now, if I cut out all the cussing, throwing things around, worrying the dogs so much, they spent the whole afternoon in the bedroom hiding...

Ya know, if I leave all that out, I don't have a story. Hmmm. Well, you're just tough out of luck, because I don't really want anyone to know what a child I can be when my intentions are thwarted. I'm bad enough when people are around, so I sure ain't telling what goes on away from eyes. God's the only One Who gets the scoop on that. Suffice to say, there has been some heavy repenting since. I had to run up to the office to do an emergency releases, and my poor coworkers got a full frontal assault. That's when you know it's true love - they're still speaking to me.

Enter hormonal shifts and a sinus infection that really rocks my world from my the top of my nasal cavities to the bottom of my tail bone - if you know what I mean. Oh, baby, that was awl kinds of fun. I'm lightheaded, on half brain speed, and racking up frequent bathroom miles by the dozen. By the time I got the internet working on Thursday (which required a call to the cable company - I actually got my modem reset through an automated service which worked great - I love not having to wait on hold). Anyway, by the time it worked, I'm sick as a dog and so behind on work it's disgusting. Luckily, I'm too sick to care how disgusting it is. Whatever's not barking at me, I ignore. Except the dogs. They're special, and mama was less than parental the day before. Another testament to true love. They know how sick I am and lay quietly beside wherever I am all day.

Anyway, I get through the rest of Thursday and Friday, and I'm feeling about three quarters human on Saturday - enough for a short shopping run late in the afternoon. DH is out of town, so I take it easy most of the day and baby my tummy that's slow to recover. Sunday, I get up and go to church, come home. DH comes home. I still don't feel great, but I cook lunch for him and his girls, including our super cutie granddaughter (always love having the girls around!) and go to the grocery store instead of napping. While I'm putting away groceries, I get a call from his sister about a bible study she wants to start....

I should have known (and kinda did) that when he wanted to interrupt my phone conversation because he just had to say something to me that trouble was brewing. Don't you just hate it when they do that? Here, let me ambush you while someone on the other line listens in and has to wait because I'm banging on my pecs and puffing up my chest, woman! Puh-lease. That's the point where my sunny disposition slides down the dark side. I get off the phone as quickly as I can, and ask what he wanted to say.

First off, I must give him credit. His gripe is legitimate. I'm the world's worst about dragging boxes of stuff into the house and then taking forever to decide where I want to put the crap. Do I need to throw other things away? Does it require assembly? Some of you are grinning and nodding your heads - I can feel it. Well, this behaviour drives him bonkers, and rightly so.

What puts me off first of all is his hovering over me during my phone conversation - I guarantee, if I did that to him, he would be considerably less than appreciative. Second of all, I've been sick and incredibly unproductive for a week, so I'm feeling pressured, behind, inept, and let's not forget those lovely bouncing hormones!! Thirdly, I'd made a promise to myself that I couldn't buy another project or piece of a project unless it completed an already existing project. Believe you me, that's been HARD. I've been completing things right and left until this last week. Wouldn't you know it, some stragglers that I ordered months ago came in and were sitting here and there....

No, I can't put them up because then I'll forget about them and they'll never get done. Yeah, that's what DH says too. And you're both right. *sigh* I really hate it when you guys are right. So I stayed up later than normal last night and got some things done for work and a few things done around the house.

You know how it is after you've been sick and mentally imbalanced for a week - that first good day back, you're either destined for the productive hall of fame trophy or the lowest depths of hell. Yesterday ended in the nether regions. Today, I'm going to stop for a moment and say my prayers because I know I can bank on God to pick me up, dust me off, and send me off on a smoother path for a few days. At least long enough to fool myself into thinking I'm caught up again. Ha!

You guys have a blessed day, and thanks for letting your lunatic friend rant. You know what they say - 1 in 4 people are difficult, so look at your three best friends. If it's not them - it's you. Oh crap, that means I'm in a lot of trouble.

Hugs and kisses,