Friday, April 27, 2007

The View and the Corner Jacuzzi Tub

These are pictures of the view from the back porch and my huge new bathroom featuring a walk-in shower and big corner jacuzzi tub. Oh, how I've lusted for that tub. That's my favorite part!!!


More house pics!

Okay, I couldn't wait to post more...

The two pictures of the upstairs room are the bonus room which will be my sewing room/office. The darker picture of the windows are the master bedroom. The pool, of course, is self-explanatory. The last picture is another view of the living room, breakfast nook, and kitchen bar. The previous owner had all kinds of murals painted in the house. This is one that we're keeping...

We have closed on the house!!!

This is what my entryway looks like...

This is the dining area just to the left of the entryway (right if you're entering the house)

This is the living room

This is the breakfast nook...

This is the kitchen...

More pics later!


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A New Web!!

Well I'll be darned, they didn't take our exact offer, but we negotiated pretty close to it. Once we close in 2-3 weeks, the dh and I will be moving to our new house. I don't want to post the address in a public forum, so feel free to email me or ask next time you see me. We did a final walk through last night just to be sure and then signed the paperwork. I forgot to take the camera, so no pics yet, but soon. My best friend and her husband came by to see it along with my mother in law, and that was really nice. The house next door is for sale, and I want them to buy it!! hehehe (no pressure here...)

Ugh! Now I have to get this one ready to sell...

Let's not think about that right now. You'd rather hear about the house, right? It's 4350 sf and sits on about 2 acres. The lot is long and narrow, and most of the acreage is in the back. The house sits on a hill so the rear property slopes down quite a bit. On the left side of the yard, the slope is pretty steep. The grandson loves that! And, of course, the granddaughter had to run down the hill too - with Nana (me) holding her hand. Nana got some exercise!! Alec climbed back up the hill, but Nana and Brooklyn went around the less steep side. The rear of the lot is not developed at all, but it has been kept cut back. I have plenty of yard work for the next however many years, which alternately thrills and terrifies me (mostly thrills if I'm honest).

There is a pool in back with a slide - that's Brooklyn's favorite feature. Brady (who is 4 months old Friday) gave his drool of approval and then promptly got cranky and made Grandma (my MIL) take him home and tend to his every need - hehehe. He's a ring-tailed tooter, but he's also adorable so it's okay!

Which reminds me, we also went to Alec's baseball game last night, and the boys gave the other team a real run for their money. They played really well. Way to go, Alec!!

Back to the house...when you walk in, the formal dining area is immediately to your right and straight ahead is the living area with big windows to see the great view of the countryside. There are covered outlets in the floor for table lamps - is that not cool?

If you turn left, a hallway leads to the study (it's gorgeous!) and the spare bedroom which has its own full bath. Beyond that is the master bedroom with 4 floor to ceiling windows with the great view and a door to the pool area.

The master bath is HUGE with an even HUGER closet (yippee!). It has a big corner tub, two vanities and a walk in shower that looks like a spa. The closet is set up as a his and hers with tons of shoe space in the divider. No more folding 1/2 my clothes into drawers - yay! Not sure what I'll do with all my drawer space, but it won't take me long to figure out. hehehe

If you turn right as you come in the front, a hallway takes you to a huge closet where our new surveillance system resides. That's right, surveilance system. There are cameras in every room of the house and around the grounds. Cool but a little creepy...

Beyond that are two bedrooms with a Jack & Jill bathroom where each has its own vanity but they share a tub and toilet (or maybe each has its own toilet - I don't remember for sure). One of the closets back there is a safe room - concrete, steel doors, three deadbolts, the works! I take it these people were a wee bit paranoid. Of course the saferoom can double as a tornado shelter, but Lane and I plan on putting in an underground shelter.

Our youngest daughter will take those two rooms for her apartment area. Across from that is the upstairs bonus room (also with fab windows and view) which will be a combination sewing/exercise room. The previous owners put an OSU emblem really big on the wall. Our realtor joked about painting over it, but Lane said he'd have to sand it off so it'd really be gone - hehehe!

In the middle by the living room is a great kitchen. It's not terribly big, but it has every amenity you can imagine - slide out shelves, a vertical cabinet for cookie sheets etc., a fold out butcher block cutting board, corian countertops and sink, an island with a sink, a slide out for your trash has 2 ovens, one regular and one convection, so I'll have to learn to cook with the convection. Beyond the kitchen toward the garage is a nice sized utility room to the right and a pretty powder bath to the left. The garage holds four cars and the driveway is big enough for the fourth infantry to park there. There is also a circle drive in front. Lots of parking for our monthly family nights!!

All the detailing in the house is gorgeous. Unfortunately we will have to do some painting. The three spare bedrooms are garishly painted, and the house is full of flowery murals - I mean whole wall flowery murals. Emphasis on the flowery. Yep, those have got to go. We'll keep some of the accent painting around the corners and the palm tree and beach scene in the master bath, but that's it. We're plain folk.

This will also necessitate new furniture right away for the study and dining area and then later for the living room. Our bedroom furniture will fit just fine and is new so thank goodness for that. I also want to get a couple of big rugs for the hardwood floors in the living room and dining area. That'll be enough shopping for me for a while! I have plants to plant in the yard!!! hehehe.

Well, I've really got to get to work now (I'm trying to treat my writing like a business with regular hours). Thanks for letting me share my excitement with you!!


Monday, April 09, 2007

Getting Closer Step by Step

We put an offer on the house I call the mansion. They probably won't take it because we offered them $45K less than their reduced price. What we offered was fair according to today's market, but unfortunately these people paid top dollar for it in 2005. Maybe a bit more than top dollar. They aren't likely to get their money back from it. One thing about it, though - if they take the offer, we'll know it was meant to be. We have another house we'll offer on if (when) this one gets rejected. The second house is almost as nice and quite a bit cheaper. We'll have to put in a fence and a pool.

Easter was fun. Brooklyn had a great time hunting the same eggs over and over again at each house she visited. She and Brady looked so sweet in their Easter outfits. Brady's had a cap like the golfers used to wear. When I get the pictures, I'll post them here.

I can't believe it was so cold!! My mom and dad in west Texas got measureable snowfall. I hope all my plants survived. Later today, I'll go check them out. Today is my dad's birthday (Happy birthday, Dad!!!)

I found out Friday my disability from the company got denied. I'm supposed to hear from my case manager today to see what I can do from here. It'll be another couple of months before I find out about the social security.

Today I go to the dentist and get my lateral teeth bonded and get 2 back teeth bonded to close up the last spaces. The Zometa I take for my bones made my jaw bone to hard to let the molars move any more. It's so great to have the braces off!!!!! Eating is a whole new experience. Funny, but it's also easier to sing too.

We're leaving for San Francisco Friday, so I have a lot to do to get ready. I also have to finish the book fast, so I'll be working hard on that. Gotta see if I can generate some income from this dream!!!

Love you all,

Monday, April 02, 2007

Here We Go Again!

Working on getting my routine in order again. I've spent the last two weeks sewing like mad for a friend (and you're worth it, chickie!!), but I'm back on track today. The late morning nap I started a couple of weeks ago is working well for me. I've been sleeping pretty well lately. Praise God!!

I think my yard's had enough water for the whole month of April, don't you? I can't wait to get out there and see what's come up in the last week. Hopefully the mud will be dried up enough to get out and look.

Well, I'm kinda boring today, so I'd better go write. Love you all!