Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back in Texas

I've been in Texas again this week, but this time for a pleasure trip. My daughter flew in from Indiana, so I came down to meet her. We did some shopping and had a great time. I just dropped her off at the airport.

Dad is doing great. He has a therapist that comes 3 times a week and a nurse that comes 2. He got a pressure sore on his heel in the hospital (don't get me started on the hospital here...) that is taking its sweet time healing. Doc says he'll probably have to go to a wound center.

I brought my WIP with me and worked out the next few scenes on the tape recorder on the way down, but I haven't worked on it since I've been here. Instead, I've been working on the recipe scrapbooks (which I haven't touched since I left here at the end of December). I have at most 4 weeks to get both WIPs done, so I've really got to get busy when I get home. I'm really excited about the current story. It's shaping up nicely I think (hope).

Well, got to run Dad around a little, so I'll talk to everyone soon!