Friday, February 09, 2007

Today was my quarterly CT Scan, and I'll get the results next Wednesday at my regular doctor's visit. The last test showed no progress, and that's what I'm looking for this time too (and all the times, of course - hehehe).

Went to lunch yesterday with my work buddies, and man that felt good. They're a fabulous bunch, really great friends. I'm going to start doing the office birthdays for them since they're so busy. That'll help me keep up those relationships because I really don't want to let that fall away as so often happens.

I'm sitting here feeling incredibly blessed to be involved with so many groups of awesome women. It seems no matter where I turn, someone is there. I think of the hedge that God had built around Job to protect and comfort him. It's pretty humbling to realize how perfectly God has arranged my life to withstand whatever comes.

Did I tell you guys Sean made Dean's List? He's so proud. He worked really hard and acheived more than he'd expected. He really enjoys college. He has no idea what he wants to major in anymore since he didn't get in the band this year. He may yet do music, but he's also exploring other possibilities.

Only about 2-1/2 months until my best friend's baby arrives - yee haw!! (I know, I've been listening to country lately - hehehe.)

Thank you all for being here for me and putting up with my many ramblings. I'm a lucky, lucky girl!!


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Sheila Fields said...

I'm going to yee-haw, right along with ya, girlfriend!! I absolutely loved the pics you posted. I'm very proud of Sean! Can't wait to get more food and health tips. I'm always eager to improve my eating habits, now more than ever. *smile* I am so darn lucky and blessed to have you in my life! I totally missed ya, bf, in case you couldn't tell. hee-hee!
- sheila