Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Friday to everyone! I know the folks at SRC are especially glad! I feel really good today. I think I'm getting on top of the new routine - little by little but steady. I've gotten quite a bit of writing done this week.

Yesterday was grandkid day at our house, and we had a blast as usual. Alec and I watched Homeward Bound which he'd never seen. It's one of my favorite movies, especially since one of the dogs is a golden.

The picture with the boulder, of course, is at The Baths. That was such a fascinating place. You can be sure a book of mine will be set there someday! The beach shots are of our resort beach, and the critter in the fourth pic is a stingray who's buried himself in the sand at the stingray tank at Coral World. That was a really neat place. Would love to take the grandkids there. They have a touching pool with star fish, skates, sea urchins, sea cucumbers (which look like giant worms - pretty cool but kind of freakish like horror movie critters), and when I was there they had a baby stingray they'd rescued (didn't get the story - all the staff was coming by to see him but didn't know the story). I couldn't see him very well or get a picture as he'd buried himself too. All I could see was the little tail.

What a great world God has made for us. I found myself thanking Him at every turn. It's so incredibly intricate. He knew how curious we'd be and gave us enough mystery to keep us busy for thousands of years. It's too bad some think they've gotten too smart or discovered too much to believe in Him.

For the last few weeks I've been participating in a Bible study with the rest of the women in Lane's family, and it's been great. It's called Believing God by Beth Moore. I've learned so much. She has a pack of index cards bound together with scriptures on them that she keeps in her purse when she feels the need to pray scripture out loud (the most effective way). I put together something similar for the gals in our group and will surprise them with it when we meet next Tuesday. I also plan to put some together for my UMW (United Methodist Women) group as a surprise - so fellow church ladies don't tell!! hehehe.

Well, I'd better get busy with my day. Today is grocery day and I have physical therapy along with lots of other stuff. Everyone have a great weekend!!


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Jolie Mathis said...

So true! I see God all around, every day. I don't understand why everyone else can't see it. Enjoyed your post. I love stingrays. I kissed one in Grand Cayman (a picture to impress the kiddos!) -- he was like a wet marshmallow. :)