Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's to all my lovely friends and family!!!

Lane and I are going to lunch today before my doctor's appointment since he has a class to facilitate at church tonight. The choir moved practice to last night, but Lane's class (mostly old guys, of course) kept theirs for today...go figure.

I'll be on later to give you the results of my test!!


6 flies caught in my web:

Anna said...
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Laura said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Love you mom.

The Pink Spyder said...

Anna, I don't post links for people I don't know especially if they're trying to sell stuff.

Any strangers requesting a link to your online store, take heed - bug off before I encase you in my web and slowly suck the juices from your inert and yet terrifyingly alive body.


The Pink Spyder said...

Love you too, Laura. Sorry you had to witness mommy's eight-legged dark side - hehehe

Angela said...

Hey, Hey! I'm not an old guy at the meeting tonight! LOL!
Angela R.

The Pink Spyder said...

If you are an old guy, you're an awfully pretty one - hehehe -