Monday, February 05, 2007

Things are continuing to fall into place in my new routine. Our critique group met yesterday (without Jill who was sick - feel better, Jill!!) and lined out how we're going to be more effective this year. We're going to set goals individually and then help motivate each other to reach them. There may be some negative reinforcement (cue maniacal laugh here). I'm famous for my dog food promise (passed to me by my dh). One year several of us vowed we would finish our books that year or eat a can of dog food. All of us finished. It's a powerful motivator....

We're starting to plan my friend Sheila's baby shower. She's decorating the room in wizards, dragons, unicorns, etc. I get to help her decorate the nursery - yay!! I also plan to stay with her during the day for a while after the baby is born. Double yay!!

I made up a loose schedule of things I need to get done each day, and I'm actually not running behind today, so I'd better get on with it and keep not running behind!! Tomorrow I'll get back to the food tips thing. Talk to you then!!


2 flies caught in my web:

Heather Harper said...

OMG! That would be a powerful motivator.

My bitter coffee just started tasting realy good after reading this post. :)

The Pink Spyder said...

I'm tellin' ya - it works!!