Thursday, February 08, 2007

Well darn. I jinxed myself with that post on Monday. The things that were falling into place scattered all day Tuesday and Wednesday!! LOL. Ah well.... I have my sweet doggies to console me. Here are pictures of them being lazy (90% of the time).

I got exciting news today - my friend Gena Showalter's book hit the New York Times Extended list for bestsellers!!! She's at #32. You can check out her blog at I'm so excited for her!

We've started a new cantata for Easter at church, and I love it. It's so pretty and moving. It's a Good Friday thing, so I miss the "Up from the grave He arose!!!" type music, but that's okay. I'm really going to enjoy singing it. The gals in my husband's family and I are also doing a study by Beth Moore. She takes a bit of getting used to but my goodness can that woman teach!! The title is Believing God, and it is so awesome.
Today is grandkid day around here, but we'll be done early this time. Alec's parents got tickets to the basketball game, so we'll take him home around 6:15. Next week, though, he'll spend the night with us, so that's a decent trade, I thought. He's been wanting to spend the night. I'm going to take the time off tonight and try to turn it into a blessing by getting extra stuff done around here.
Speaking of getting stuff done, I'd better get going!!

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