Thursday, November 29, 2007

Today is *the* day

I've done all the damage I can do. Now it's time to send my entries into the Golden Heart. They moved the due date up a week to Dec 3 (curses!), so Lane is overnighting them for me this afternoon. It'll take most of the morning to get them printed. My laserjet is upstairs, so I'll definitely get my exercise today!

Next comes the Big House Cleaning and Christmas Tree Setup. The folks I used to work with are coming over tomorrow night and I'm terribly excited. I don't get to visit them nearly enough. I hardly ever see my old boss, Pat, because he's always galavanting around trying to keep the client happy or sell more stuff. I'm hoping another ex-SRC gal will join us. She's had a new baby, and I'm dying to see him!

Oh my gosh. The dogs and I heard a bird call outside (like a goose or something) and I let them outside. The bird call got louder and more distressed sounding, so I ran outside thinking the boys had caught themselves a goose. It was the guy across the back fence training his dogs for duck hunting. Here I was all set for a rescue operation. LOL! And my poor dogs must surely be disappointed. Oh well, it's probably the most exciting thing that'll happen to them all day.

Our guy is coming to put up the rest of our outside Christmas lights, and I'm supposed to know where I want each color. I don't. I should get out there and scope the bushes and make my decisions. After I go upstairs and start the print-a-thon (six copies of each partial and synopsis-about 55 pages per copy).

Love you dahlings!

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