Tuesday, November 06, 2007

AAAAAAAaaaaaaa!! It won't stop!!!!

But hey, I'm having fun.

Activities are stacking up for the coming weekends. The dh was asking if we want to make our annual shopping trip with friends to Dallas. Thanksgiving is November 22 (with shopping on the 23rd - yay!). I'm hosting a holiday party for my former work buddies on Friday the 30th (I'm soooo excited) and then we're hosting our Sunday School party on December 8th (again, sooooo excited). My daughter will be in town Dec 14-18 (triple the soooo excited) and the following weekend is the 22nd - right before Christmas. Holy month of excitement, Batman!

Guess we won't be making the weekend shopping trip - hehehe. I'll miss it, but something's got to give.

The dh and I got my TV stand up last night (actually it was more him than me) in my upstairs room. The TV swivels now so I can turn it toward whatever activity I'm involved in at the moment (of which there are many!).

Before Christmas, I have secret presents for the kids to get ready, my bff's baby quilt and a few other items, my MIL's quilt (we're in the quilting phase which is going slowly), and two mss that have to be ready to ship off to the Golden Heart by Dec. 7 or 8th.

I'm loving it!!

Oh, and did I tell you I'm taking up the flute again? It's only been a bit over 30 years since I've played. It's all coming back to me, though...

Off to get my hair done!


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