Saturday, November 03, 2007

Eight-Legged TV

I've really gotten into buying seasons of television shows on DVD. The dh and I have watched the first four seasons of 24 that way. I also have three seasons of Friends, and I recently bought the first season of the X-files (oh my gosh, I love it all over again). The first season of Medium is on its way. I had to buy that one to get my fix since they aren't starting the regular season until January. January!!

No more hoping for reruns shown at a time I can actually watch them. And speaking of that, is the DVR (or Teevo, if you prefer) not the greatest invention ever? I can hardly find time to watch TV in the evenings, but now I can fit it in during the day and on weekends. Are we spoiled or what?

While we're on the topic of great technological inventions, I need to grab my cell phone and head out to hunt for post-Halloween deals. Happy weekend!


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Laura said...

TV on DVD = No commercials. yay!