Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Christmas Mania!!

My former coworkers were telling me that my posts make them tired (hehehe), and this one's liable to be a doosey. They were over at the house last Friday for a holiday party, and we had a great time. (You guys are the best!!)

This week is crazy. I have a Christmas party at church tonight, choir tomorrow night, Alec on Thursday night, and the nutcracker suite with my MIL and SIL on Friday. Saturday night, we're hosting our Sunday School's Christmas party. I'm also having conflicting events now. Weekend after next, Laura will be here. My sister and her family are coming up on Saturday which is also the day of my OKRWA party. Laura and I were planning to go (she knows a lot of my writer friends) but I'm not sure how to fit that in yet or if to fit it in at all. I'm more excited about my sister and niece being in town. I'm thinking maybe we can slip in for a little while and visit, then go. Anyway, I'm sure things will work out.

I'd better get busy. If I don't, I might miss my nap! Hehehe!


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