Friday, November 23, 2007

How Was Everyone's Post Holiday Shopping?

I went from not going at 8:59 pm Thursday to calling my MIL at 9:00 and deciding to go. It worked out well. Leaving my house a 3:40 am, we hit Kohl's opening at 4:00 and got most of what we went for. We made it to Sears before opening and got everything except the toys (which the Norman store does *not* carry).

Then we hit Radio Shack right before it's 6:00 opening. While in line I called FYE trying to get a line on a Wii (game system). No luck there, but we got most of what we went for.

All in all, I called it a successful flack friday for me and crawled back in bed by 7 and slept another 5 hours. Ahhhh. Love those holiday traditions. How did the rest of you do?

Now it's off to get the Christmas decorations out and get ready for party number one this Friday (You folks at SRC, I can't wait to see you!!!).

Oh, and I have 6 days to finished the two books for the Golden Heart. They moved the date up by a week. Argh!!

happy holidays all!

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