Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Runnin' on Empty

That used to be my fav song back in the day. It's by Jackson Browne. I was introduced to his work way back in the day by a crush at the skating rink (pre-driving age). I think of him every time I hear that song.

The books are going well, although I doubt they'll be completely polished by the time I have to send them off to the GH. As far as finalling, the first 50 pages are what count, and I have my critique posse going over them as we speak (I've always wanted a posse, haven't you?).

I'm totally in love with my heroine in the nocturne. She's such a good girl yet such a smartass at the same time. A woman after my own heart.

In the other ms, I've got to say the hero is my favorite.

Speaking of heroes, I'm thinking of taking Heroes off my DVR list. I could hardly get through Monday before last's episode. I'm not sure if I'm bored or just confused. The story seems fractured this year. Anyone else having troubles with it?

Alas, I should go get busy. I'm picking up the grandson today since Thursday is Thanksgiving.

Peace y'all,

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