Friday, August 25, 2006

Of course, my little grandson doesn't work - I'll pick him up from school - hehehe

6 flies caught in my web:

Laura said...

Just want to let you know that as soon as I get my shirt in, I'll be wearing pink for the Spyder.

The Pink Spyder said...

Ah, friends and daughters - they're the best blessings, I think!

Betty and Rinda - you guys make me smile just being yourselves - who could ask for better?

Rinda Elliott said...

You gotta hear this. Today, I had a request for baby items with the Pink Spyder. Wow. So, I went nuts and added all kinds of Spyder goodies.

By God, all of these well wishers are gonna do all kinds of good!

Sheila Fields said...

that's so cool that you get to see your grandson every week. He's got the sweetest eyes. Speaking of children. My (bro-in-law's daughter) little neice is smitten with you and your grandson. All my neice says now is, "no peeking!" and giggles. Hmmmm...I wonder where she picked that up? hee! She wants to know when she gets to play with you guys again. lol

Debbie Behrens said...

Grandson, huh. How old is he? I've got an eighteen month old neice. Maybe we should hook them up. :)

The Pink Spyder said...

Rinda, that's wonderful news! I'll have to get some stuff for my grandkids.

Deb, he's six, but he loves his baby cousin and siblings (he has two under the age of three).

Sheila, I'm pretty smitten with her too. Maybe we can plan a play day in the future.