Friday, August 18, 2006

I really have to take a minute to sing my coworkers' praises. They are so very sweet to me. The fatigue has really been getting to me, and they've been right there to help. I've been really late to work two days and they are so supportive. Whatever I need, they're right there. Now, you couldn't pay for something that precious. There's not enough money in the world. Anyone out there praying for me, please pray for blessings on my coworkers. They deserve anything they can get!

Yesterday was a hard evening. I guess I had a lot of emotion bottled up, and it overflowed. I got started crying and just couldn't stop. My poor husband. You know how men are with emotion - well, he really got dumped on big time. He handled it really well, I must say.

We met with a couple of naturopathic doctors yesterday. One was completely incoherent - I mean, talk about excess verbage! All you writers out there know what I'm talking about. Don't take a hundred words to say what one or two would say better. Sheesh! He was very sweet, but I just can't communicate with him. The second guy was better, though he was a bit of a conspiracy theorist. Well, not a bit - he's a *big* conspiracy theorist. But he seems to know what he's talking about with nutrition and supplements, etc., and he really seemed to care about my situation. We have another appointment next Wednesday morning and then one more the following Monday. We're making progress.

My laptop arrived today for me to work at home. I think I'll go out a week from this Monday. The fatigue (whether from stress or the cancer if it's really present, I don't know) is getting to me big time. During the week, I just want to come home and go straight to bed. I brought my laptop home and will set it up on Sunday and see if it works like it's supposed to. It should be just like being at work - is that not awesome technology? The sales reps say all their stuff is there whether at the office or at home. Everything's the same. Amazing.

Tomorrow the fam and I are heading for Palo Duro Canyon to the see the play Texas. My MIL and I have been wanting to go since before we even met, so we're finally doing it. I'm excited about that. My little grandson sure wanted to go with us, but he has lots of goings on tomorrow. One of those things is ball practice. He started machine pitch this year. Can't wait to see the boys play. Loved T-ball! He came over to see us tonight, and you talk about an infusion of joy in Nana's heart - oh my gosh. We were watering the flower beds and got into a water fight. I was drenched by the time he was done with me. I laughed and laughed. Grandpa runs faster than I do, so he didn't get as wet. Grandkids are the best!

I have so many blessings. It's nice to have an evening where I can count a few of them - speaking of blessings, Sheila (my best friend) called tonight, and she, her dh, me, my dh, her dh's brother, his little girl and my grandson all went out to dinner. Great company and great food!!

My son spent his first night in the dorms last night. He's all grown up now, I guess. He's really proud and excited to be out of the parents' digs. Got the bill today too - holey moley. College ain't cheap boys and girls! He's so worth it, though. He's the best son a mom could ask for. He even does dishes - wooo!!

Time for bed. Everyone have a great weekend. Since I let the lid off the pressure cooker last night, I'm primed for a great time. God bless all who read this.


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Laura said...

Nope, college aint cheap. Just be lucky he went to a state school in the state he lives. Imagine $30,000/year tuition, plus room and board.

Hope you guys had a fun day today. Love you.

Di said...

*hugz* Geesh, sweetie, you've every right to get a little discouraged now and then. You've been so upbeat and brave through this whole ordeal, I think you're one tough momma! ;-D

Isn't it precious when they're going off to school so proud of being grown up, but still needing you to approve of them at the same time. I just love my boys to pieces, too. You're the lucky one with grandkids already. I will so be such a cool grandma! Water fights with the grandkids...that's what I'm talkin' about! :-D