Friday, August 11, 2006

We have a date!

My biopsy is scheduled for this Wednesday at 8:00 a.m. I'll get the results the following Wednesday. I'm so excited! I know, I know. It's a weird thing to get excited over, but waiting for anything long enough will induce excitement, trust me. I'm ready to get on with it and get busy fighting.

The prayer of the day is: If *any* of the spots are cancerous, I want this result to come back positive. I don't want to have to go through additional biopsies to find cancer if it's there. If this comes back negative, they'll do a PET scan and then biopsy the largest spot on my vertebrae (T4). That's a tricky one to get to which is why they didn't biopsy it first.

If the result comes back positive, they'll still do a PET scan to measure the level of activity in the spots. Activity means bone turn-over, which is new cells coming up and dead cells being carried away more rapidly than usual. It's a sign of the bone trying to heal itself or fight something off. This PET scan will serve as a baseline to measure the effectiveness of treatment. They'll change my hormone-control medication and then take another PET scan to see if the level of activity has changed and so forth and so on. The road goes on forever and the party never ends, boys and girls.

Chemo may be involved at some point, but since this is medically incurable (notice I said 'medically'), they'll do the least they can to contain it.

I talked with my boss today, and working at home is a go. Now I need to discuss this with my oncologist to make sure the extreme (and we're talking way the hell out there, baby) nutrition therapy won't interfere with what she's doing. If it does, such as if she decides to do chemo right away, I'll wait until that's done to start shooting coffee through the bottom end.

Holy Frijoles, I can't believe I'm talking about juice fasting and coffee enemas. Have mercy. It's just more than a spyder can comprehend some days. Even more amazing is the amount of information on both you can find on the internet. I actually have detailed instructions.

I'm also in the market for a naturopathic doctor and/or nutritionist in the area. If any of you know of a good one, let me know. I need one that's not so into supplements as eating the right foods to accomplish what I have to accomplish. I already take 98% of all the supplements known to man, so I don't need a source. I need a complete program of diet, exercise, supplements, etc. The book I have has some guidelines but leaves many unanswered questions. I need expert guidance.

I've just about talked your ears off here (those of you who know me well won't be surprised), so just a couple more things.

Laura - I wish you were here, too, sweetie! Those of you who don't know, Laura is my lovely, talented and very intelligent daughter and is a constant source of pride for her mother. She's in Boston working on her Masters degree (man, I *love* saying that!).

Di - I loved your comment - will have to visit that site! Everybody check out Di's comment on day before yesterday's post. She found a cool website with healthy recipes, etc.

The ladies of OKRWA are the best in the world!

Everyone visit: for a quiz on whether you need to detox your body. You'll be surprised.... Scroll down and click on the really small blue link that says Detox screening quiz. You have to look for it. It'll bring up the first question.

Love you all!

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Di said...

Interesting website. I scored 81% on needing a detox diet. Think I'll check it out.

I found a link to a very helpful article for past and present breast cancer patients.
"Unsafe Herbs for Women With Breast Cancer" to read it just visit the link below.

Di said...

Just occured to me you might be interested in something a friend of mine does locally. Mike and I have both tried this and were quite impressed. Natalie gave us a minute by minute report on what we were seeing evidence of detoxifing in the water as different colors appeared. The water ended up really nasty and smelled worse than anything I can think of. It took three days to get the stink out of my house and she burnt incense during the procedure to lessen the stench. All that is in the tub you put your feet in is plain water with a little sea salt added to make the ionizing process work. Here's a link to a site that explains the process.
Body Detox Via An Ionizing Footbath


The Pink Spyder said...

Excellent, Di! When I was in chemo, the doctor took me off of all supplements. I don't take any of these mentioned in the article, thank goodness! I bookmarked it so I could remember it. You're a doll! Hey - we can detox together!! hehehe

The Pink Spyder said...

I like the foot detox too - I'll do mine outside, thank you very much!

My score on the detox quiz, btw, was 56% Our office "clean" eaters were 13 and 15. Figures...

Di said...

Ionizing footbath to Detox

I went and had the foot treatment this afternoon. Natalie gave me the webaddy of the website about her machine.
When I told her about you, she very highly recommended you get a comy of this book. She even looked it up as a used book on It's about $5 I think. The book is titled:
"The Cure of All Cancers
The Cure of All Advanced Cancers"

published by Spirit of Don't know what type of organization that is or if there's anything to it, but Natalie sure believes there is.

Julia Mozingo said...

Proactive! By all means take charge of your life and do what you can. This active frame of mind is so important, empowering even, and so much more fun than being a victim--a wimpy heroine (grin). You're the heroine of your own life story, Pinkie! Lift your sword--or pen, since it's mightier than the sword (grin) and charge ahead! One for all and all for one! We're with you, girl!