Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Well, as some of you know, it's been wild around the web lately. I had my annual CT scan (after being diagnosed with breast cancer in Feb 2005), and they found a spot on my backbone. The bone scan showed that spot, another on my backbone and several more on my left pelvic bone. The doctor's office is currently working on scheduling a biopsy of the largest and easiest spot which is on the pelvic bone. My doctor is really picky about who she'll let do it because we need the best. I love that about her!! Should be late this week or early next week at Mercy. I'll know the results by the first of next week. There are lots of details I'll be sharing this week about what this may mean and where we go from here, but no time tonight.

I've had a great time playing around with this blog, but it's time to get serious. Join me for a journey through the mysterious and deadly land of cancer. I promise I won't let you get hurt. Just take my hand, and we'll go together. I'll do all the dangerous stuff. Perhaps someday the things you witness will be of use to you or a loved one. I intend to make it all the way through, and I'm pulling out all the stops medically and nutritionally. Jesus is going with us (you remember, He promised to lead us through the valley of the shadow of death?), so we don't have to be afraid. Even if I end up having to leave you, He'll stay right beside both of us. He's special that way...

By the way, if you didn't know before, now you know why the spyder is pink. It's a spyder because that's just how I am. Kooky, horror-loving, and eternally optimistic. Even when I die someday, I'm optimistic. Heaven will be so cool. Trust me, I've had a lot of incentive to think about it.

'til tomorrow,

5 flies caught in my web:

Di said...

Pinkie darlin',

You know me. I'm always ready to 'GO.' This is a journey I wouldn't miss. Don't know if I'll be much good for anything but a few laughs. Ya know, I've just gotta be silly sometimes. . . . But I luv ya bunches, so count me in. **hugz**

Betty S said...

I've got your hand. Whatever lies ahead, we'll make it together.

Rachel Vincent said...

I've added you to my blogline, so I can keep up with you easily. I'm thinkin' about you, and prayin'.

Sheila Fields said...

Together, all the way, baby.

The Pink Spyder said...

Di - laughs are absolutely essential!

Betty, Rachel, and Sheila - I feel better already.

Love you guys!