Thursday, February 19, 2009

Strange Days

What a weird day today. It started with a crazy night of nightmares and weird dreams. It was like all the crazy dreams I've ever had rolled into one continuous depressing mess. I couldn't find my car or if I did it was torn up. I left my purse laying around and it got stolen and I was upset because my PDA was gone. I also couldn't get anywhere I needed to go. I did figure out I was in Branson MO instead of at my mom's house where I was supposed to be. If I did manage to end up in mom's house, I had too many clothes to fit in my suitcase.

I had forgotten to buy my airline tickets for national conference. Then I was at the conference hotel and had lost my key. The guy at the desk went to get another key but never came back. Then I couldn't remember my room number.

I talked about being in a purple funk a while back, but this was the worst ever.

Then the grandkids came over and all is sunshine and light. God did good when he created grandkids!! Also my new housekeeper is coming tomorrow and I'm so excited!!

So goes the rollercoaster of my life. Hope yours is going well!


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