Monday, February 02, 2009

Purple Funk

I've always loved that expression: purple funk. It's so descriptive of the dark clouds of dissatisfaction that periodically shadow our lives. For me, it usually means that someone in the periphery of my life is not behaving as I wish they would. *sigh* Darn these people for having their own opinions and thoughts! hehehe!

Not too much else going on. This is oncologist week as well as treatment time. I also have a visit to the GI specialist tomorrow. I've been doing well keeping up my weight training so hopefully the veins in my arms will be more accessible than last treatment. While I was in the hospital they all decided to run and hide, and can you blame them? I've also regained my PRO status in Wii Tennis (just barely!). I've worked my way up to playing 45 minutes now, so I'm doing good.

Yesterday was my last day on the steroids, and the side effects are already starting to disappear. I wasn't sure if it would take time to get them out of my system or not. Thank goodness.

Better run and get my last tasks done before time to sleep!


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