Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Monday All!

Listening to Heart's Bebe Le Strange - gotta love it!

Got word that my copy of Rachel Vincent's PRIDE has finally shipped so it should be here any day now - yippee!!

In the meantime, Maureen Child's VANISHED was well worth the read. If you don't have a copy, I highly recommend it. The ending was somewhat predictable but still satisfying.

Also in the package with PRIDE is Jordan Dane's lastest. I still have to read NO ONE LEFT TO TELL and the other 'no one' book - man, my memory is the pits these days. They say chemo can't pass the blood brain barrier, but I think that's bullcorn. I used to have such a great memory and now I can' hardly recall my name on some days. Well, it's not relly that bad...

Tonight is my youngest's 21st birthday, so I'm taking him to Cattleman's for a steak dinner. He's going to college about 60 miles away and is doing really well. He's had a rough start (of his own making), so he's had to do the last year or so on his own, and has been successful, I'm proud to say.

Had dinner at the bff's yesterday - yummy! She's a great cook which is probably why her in-laws are always dropping in to stay whether they would admit it or not. They're kind of you-know-what holes.

Well, it's time to go write for a while. Love ya!

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