Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The New Vacation Home in Ft. Worth

I'm thinking of buying this deluxe spider web near Ft. Worth for a vacation home...whadda ya think?

Blogger wouldn't let me upload the picture due to some kind of technical error, but here's the link. The web is in Lake Tawakoni State Park. According to reports a 200-yard stretch along a nature trail has been blanketed by a sprawling spider web that has engulfed seven large trees, dozens of bushes and the weedy ground.

I guess I won't gripe about all the webs in my yard anymore!

I got my 3 big pumpkins carved last night thanks to a handy dandy battery operated pumpkin carver from Hobby Lobby (9.99 on sale 1/2 price!). I forgot to take a picture of my front porch last night, but I'll do it tonight and post the picture. I got the idea from a Southern Living Magazine to use cookie cutters as templates, so I have one with stars, one with butterflies and flowers and one with a traditional face. I also have some mini pumpkins to make mini jackolanterns with (also from Southern Living I think). I take so many magazines, I feel the Hearsts should write me into their will.

Making good progress on two novels currently. The paranormal is in early revison, and I've rewritten the opening to a straight contemporary I wrote a couple of years ago and polishing the rest. I'll have to write a new ending too. It's amazing what you can do by dedicating 2 hours per day. I'm hoping to have them done for the Golden Heart. (I can't believe I'm entering that #@!! contest again!) Ah well...

I get the test results from last week's CT scan tomorrow afternoon. I think I mentioned this previously. They're looking for the cause of the pain I've been having. I've felt really good the last two days - yay! And I'm starting out good today. Gotta run, though - lots to do!

Everyone have a blessed day - love ya!!

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