Monday, January 15, 2007

This is the view out my back door, and I am truly iced in. Went to drive to my PT and couldn't back out of the driveway because of the thick sheet of ice blocking my back tires in. Thank goodness my darling son is going to pick me up tomorrow and run me around to my various appointments and errands. He's moved back to the dorms and I miss him already.

DH and I spent the weekend watching episodes of 24 Season 2. We're heading to St. Thomas on Thursday, and we're taking Season 3 with us...

I've started hitting the exercise hard and heavy, and I can't believe how good I feel - and not just physically. My body image has been off-kilter since the mastectomy, and the exercise is actually bringing it back to me. All that stuff they say about endorphins is true too. It really does bring on feelings of well being. Wow. Of course, the first week was a real drag - hated it. Second week was equally yuck. Third week - I kinda like it. Hmmm. I'm doing 25 mins cardio, 20 mins strength training and 30-35 minutes of stretches 4 or 5 days per week. I use and love it.

Read an article on trans fats, and boy, are *they* scary. According to labeling laws, there can be 500 mg of trans fats per serving and the company can still put that there's zero. 500 mg three times per day ups your chances of having a heart attack by 30%. The only way to avoid them is to avoid foods with hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils in the list of ingredients. That's just about freaking everything packaged. Wow. Trans fats cause your body to store most of its fat in the belly area, the worst place for heart disease (and a problem for me I don't want to make worse!). Watch those labels, kiddies!!

It's late. Gotta run. Love you all!


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Heather Harper said...

What in the heck ever happened to truth in advertising. That really makes me mad about the trans fats!

Heather's belly

chrystal casey said...

I have been trying to do better with my eating. I haven't been feeling too great lately and know that has some to do with it. I haven't done the exercise thing yet but I have started stretching each day and that has helped with the chronic pain. I am so glad you are feeling better. Have fun on your trip.

The Pink Spyder said...

Good for you, Chrystal!! It's okay (and probably better) to start slow and build up. I know that's how I had to do it!!