Monday, January 08, 2007

I'm feeling pretty up this morning. I got quite a bit done over the weekend. Now my challenge this week is to get a lot of writing done, starting this morning. I have the paranormal to finish and get emailed to the agent and then I'm starting the paranormal historical. I'm facilitating a class based on Todd Stone's book Novelist's Boot Camp (which I HIGHLY recommend to any would-be novelist) and my project for the class with be the paranormal historical. All attendees are going to try to complete a novel this year in the class.

I got a call from my daughter this weekend. She's been accepted into the European Graduate School's phD program which is awesome. If she's opts to take the offer the classes are all online except for a month each summer where she'll travel to Switzerland for a session of classes. They've said her professors for her second year will be the Quay brothers. She's doing her master's thesis on them (they're film directors), so she's extra excited about that. Yay, Laura!!

On a sadder note, Sean moves back to the dorms on Wednesday. I've really enjoyed having him back home during the holidays. He's such good company. My baby's grown up. Wow. Part of me is so proud to see him become a man, but the other part wants him to be my little boy forever. *sigh*

I have a new grandbaby too that I don't know if I've mentioned. That's his picture at the top of the post when he was one day old. His name is Brady and he was born December 13, and he's perfect!! (Did you expect any less?? hehehe). I went to see him on Thursday, and he stayed awake the whole time I was there. It was so fun. After that my other grandson, Alec, my granddaughter, Brooklyn, and I went to PetSmart and got Alec two hermit crabs for his habitat. Brooklyn wants crabs, too, she said. She talked about them all evening. I told her we'd get her some when she turns six if its okay with her mom.

Today's's got to be gratitude for God's creation of the family. What a blessing!


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Di said...

Brady's darling! Bet you're lovin' up on all those grandkids!