Monday, January 29, 2007

Ahhhh....back from d'islands, mon.

If y'ever get de chance to go to St. Thomas, mon, be taking it! You never be da same!
I'm still having trouble getting back into the groove! In fact, I'm running about 50 minutes behind schedule today when I'm supposed to be catching up!! I just have to tell you about our first night, though.
We got to the resort about 10:30 local time after 12 hours of flying and layovers, and the first thing the gal said to us was, "I have some bad news. We don't have your room ready." The dh says why not, and she doesn't know. Okay.... Dh asks to speak to the manager, and she says he's not there. He presses further and she says he's not on the property. He's at a function and she can't reach him. I'm really tired and talk dh into looking at the room they have for us. I want to fight it out after a night's sleep.
The room was hideous. We called it Motel 6's evil twin. It was the plainest Janest excuse for a resort room I've ever seen or imagined. But it had a bed...a really hard bed. DH visits the bathroom and the toilet handle comes off in his hand. We call the office and a guy comes to fix it.
The view from our window is about a foot and a half of beach and some broken down boats.
We collapsed anyway. By now it's getting on toward midnight, and the people in the room next to us talk and talk and talk, heard clearly through their excuse for walls. We lay there and try to sleep.
About 1:00, there's a loud banging on the door of the next room. A guy is shouting about his room being flooded. There's two inches of water in his room, and he's not happy. More banging. Finally someone answers the door. More shouting.
Dh gets up to tell them to shut the f### up and learns this is the manager living next door to us. Dh is very cordial, but the manager won't speak to him. He comes back in and calls around but no one answers at the other resorts except the Ritz Carlton which is 3 times the rate we're paying. He comes back to bed.
A dog starts yapping. Oh, yeah.
We finally get to sleep. Early the next morning dh finds us a new resort and harangues the staff of this one until they give us a refund. We move to a beautiful place that's less expensive and vacation happily ever after - more on that tomorrow.
The moral to this story? Never stay at Secret Harbor in St. Thomas!!!
Have a great day!!

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