Thursday, January 11, 2007

I spent the whole day yesterday putting away Xmas stuff, and I almost have my house back - yippee!!! I love decorating for the holidays, but by this time I'm sick of it. This is the latest I've ever put it away. Unfortunately, I need to buy another big container to fit the rest of it into. Not so bad for me, but dh won't like it...hehehe

A writing friend is in town today, so as soon as I finish my blog and exercise, I'm going to meet her for a marathon writing day. I'm so excited!! Tonight we're going to dinner with some more friends. It'll be nice to have a day out.

I feel like my daily routine is starting to gel finally. It's been a challenge getting all these ornery ducks into a row and make them *stop* quacking at me all the time! I don't have time for everything, and it's been hard choosing what gets first priority. I have to keep reminding myself I don't have to complete every book, quilt and project this week... I am making progress. I am making progress. I am making progress.

Speaking of which - I'd better go exercise right now while I can make myself do it!

Love you all!

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Heather Harper said...

I hope she is able to make it home okay. I forgot all about her going to OK.