Monday, September 11, 2006

Whew! Had a majorly busy week work-wise last week and didn't get to write. It's not easy trying to squeeze 5 days of work into 3 (burned my last bit of vacation on Friday to go to the lake). This was our last trip with the boat. I'm thinking thank goodness maybe now I can get caught up, but Lane was pretty sad. He's really, really enjoyed it. We had an incredibly relaxing weekend for our last lake hurrah.

Max and Sam (the dogs) got to chase an armadillo for a short while until "mom" stopped them. There were cranes and geese at the water's edge. It was really pretty, but definitely the buggiest place we've been. Lane and Jimmy only caught three little catfish and let them go, but they thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. We found a steakhouse in Wichita Falls that was super yummy. I had grilled shrimp. Still having trouble with the texture, but I'm determined to learn to eat them. I get tired of salmon all the time.

Next weekend is the OKRWA retreat - yippee!! I'm so excited to see all you rowdy outlaws!!

Speaking of which - Rinda and Deb, trust me, you'll give up the thermal sleepwear the minute you hit menopause. Then you get to start freezing him out...oh yeah.... Betty, I don't know about the one here because I'm always in Slodeatha during the Labor Day weekend (not in Dallas). They probably do.

Di and Sara.........grab those belly jewels. You can be the retreat evening entertainment - yeeehaw!! I love it!

Sheila, no belly dancing for you for a while. Got to take care of that precious treasure in your tummy!! I'm already dreaming of babysitting and cuddling the little cutie. I'll be Aunt Nell again. Or he/she can call me Nana like the grandkids.

Gotta get to work now. Love you all!! I can feel your prayers and loving thoughts every minute of the day!


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Sheila Fields said...

ahhhh....shucks, I was really looking forward to belly dancing, but that's okay. There will be another time to scare people. ; ) You can be Auntie or Nana! I'd love hearing you get called either one! Whenever you stop and get quiet... that warm, soothing feeling that surrounds and caresses you are all the prayers from everyone who loves you. Gee, it's no wonder you're having hot flashes! There are a zillion prayers out there and they only get stronger. : ) love- S

Julia Mozingo said...

Glad you're making progress. Keep your chin up, girl! Can hardly wait to see you at the retreat. It won't be long now.