Wednesday, September 20, 2006

And a fine Wednesday morning to all you blogsters out there! I can't believe it's been a week since my last post. I've been a busy, busy girl. My weekend at the writers' retreat at Quartz Mountian Lodge was extremely cool. Our speaking was Mel Odom. I have one word for that man - awesome! Really enjoyed his class.

Even better than that was hanging out with the gals (Mel, you can be an honorary 'gal'). My friend Betty was sick most of the weekend, so I didn't get to see her much :-( I did get to spend time with some friends that have moved away (Hi Jodi and Alice!!). There were about 18-19 of us, and I had a great time. Everyone wore their "I Wear Pink For the Spyder" t-shirts and/or hats on Saturday. What a great bunch, huh?

The area around the lodge is absolutely beautiful. If you've never been out there, I highly recommend it, especially if you're an artist or writer. Wonderful creative air there.

Yesterday I went to have lunch at school with my grandson. I took him some of the "chicken noodle" soup that Chinese places have. Yep, you guessed it - it's really egg drop soup, but Alec likes to call it chicken noodle. I also got him some shrimp fried rice and dug out all the shrimp for him. I'm hoping he can spend the night with us Friday and go to the fair on Saturday morning.

While I'm thinking about it, a couple of people have asked me about the possibility of MD Anderson in Houston. Lane and I have checked it out, and there's nothing they can do for me that won't be done here unless I go into a clinical trial (which they aren't having at the moment). If I go into a clinical trial, I take the chance of ending up in the control group (that gets the placebo). Besides that, about 95% of clinical trials have to be scrapped because they don't get the result they thought they might. In other words, it's just not really worth pulling up stakes at this point. If they do have a clinical trial that starts looking promising, I'll be one of the first to get the new drug anyway. I won't have to wait for FDA approval. Information like that disseminates really quickly in the medical community. As far as regular treatment, MD Anderson won't do anything different from my doctor here.

Well, I'd better get to work. Got lots to do today! Love you all!

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