Friday, September 22, 2006

My doctor talks alot about quality of life. She's speaking in the medical aspect, of course, but that phrase has come to mean more to me than I would ever have imagined. Daily, it seems, my quality of life grows higher and higher. I love being home, feathering my nest (and cleaning out all the clutter of way too many feathers...) I love every moment of my life now. Perhaps I appreciate each moment more.

Quality of life is greeting my husband at the door each evening.

Quality of life is my precious daughter on the other end of the phone and anticipating her arrival for Christmas.

Quality of life is my son calling in the middle of the day to tell me how college and work are going and to see how I'm doing.

Quality of life is eating lunch at school with my grandson every Tuesday and picking him up from school on Thursdays.

Quality of life is taking my granddaughter to the fair and anticipating the arrival of her new little brother.

Quality of life is seeing so many of my friends fill a room wearing their "I Wear Pink for the Spyder" shirts.

Quality of life is reading a great romance written by one of my best friends.

Tonight I'm listening to Celine on the CD player and feeling incredibly grateful. I have the best friend I've longed for all my life and a circle of love created by so many great people. I feel the touch of God on a daily basis. There are those who say there's nothing better than being loved by a dog - unless it's two dogs. I think back on how scared Sam was when he first came to live with us, and now he trusts and loves us implicitly. I love my house, my yard, my car. Material things, yes, but they are part of my contentment. They are blessings just the same. Everyday the postman brings love in the form of cards from people I hardly know. So much love and caring in the world. How could I not be grateful? My heart bursts with it.

To everyone who reads this - you are a blessing. Never forget that. You have touched a life with happiness and warmth. Nothing is better to me than your smile and the touch of your hand. *That*'s quality of life.


2 flies caught in my web:

Rinda Elliott said...

Well, I would add seeing your big smile constantly in place during the retreat. :)

We really should stop, look around and count our blessings more.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post!