Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ah, darlings, I had a marvelous weekend! Billy Crystal couldn't even express how mahvelous it was.

It started out kind of rough, though. I got my IV treatment on Thursday with the Zometa (which reduces the release and breakdown of calcium from the bone caused by the cancer). Both the doctor and the nurse said most people have little or no side effects - maybe a bit of pain in the bones -------------------------------

Once again, I get to prove I'm not most people (thankfully it works in the positive way as well as the negative - look how well I tolerated the chemo last year). Of the 9 possible side effects, I got to experience 7 of them: bone pain, confusion (slight), fever (low grade), joint pain (excruciating at times), loss of appetite, nausea (really fun when we had to rock and roll around a thunderstorm between Dallas and west Texas), and tiredness. I took one of Lane's Percocets before I left the house to save my 3 remaining Darvocets for the trip. That may have been in the top 5 decisions I have made in my lifetime right after accepting Jesus, having children, marrying my wonderful husband, and deciding to take a chance and ride to DARA with Sheila that first time. If I had had one less Darvocet, I'd have been calling my doctor in the middle of the night to beg her to call a prescription in to the Walgreen's behind mom's house.

Oh---my gosh. I'll spare you further details, but it was bad. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad.


Woke up Saturday to a brand new day. Had to take a couple of doses of Tylenol (ibuprofen interacts with the Zometra, isn't that weird) but generally felt 100% better. We went to our fav quilt store and I spent $80 on quilt books (oh, but they're so cool!). Then my Aunt Judy (she's the one who sent me a card and letter every week during chemo without fail) and cousin Robin came down to see me. We went to lunch at Chili's (I had salmon, fresh vegetables, and rice - yummy [seriously]) and visited the rest of the afternoon.

Sunday we made our usual trip to JC Penney where I got 2 beautiful and elegant gowns for $4 each - yes, folks, there are no zeros missing from that figure. I got a matching robe for one of them for another $4. That's why we go every year at this time. I always find something really cool really cheap, but this year was the coup de grace. I got 2 cute little medieval princess books for Brooklyn, one with the alphabet and one with opposites. They're so cute!!! And you know what medieval mania I have.

Went to see Barnyard Sunday night, and it's definitely worth a peek. Really cute.

Monday, we went to Hastings and I went nuts on CD's like always. At the checkout, I picked up a pocket feng shui book and read it all the way home that evening. A lot of it makes uncanny sense. We'll be feng shui-ing the house over the next few weeks.

The diet is getting easier by the day. It has now been just over a week since I've had any sugar. That may be why it's been so cool and rainy. I'm pretty sure hell froze over. Got a chance to work on my notebook and get some standby entries done to help establish my routine. Was gratified when my food looked and tasted every bit as good as the rest of the family's.

Well, work's calling, so I'd better get busy. I plan to actually get some writing done today (a little more frost on the brimstone there - hehehe). Love you guys as always and can't wait to see my writing buddies weekend after next - yippee!!


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Sheila Fields said...

$4 bucks!!! Yowsa! Lady, you really know how to shop! Wow! Glad you had a good time. Your salmon dinner sounded mighty tasty. That chance you took turned out to be major awesome for both of us. : ) love, S

Rinda Elliott said...

I need some nightgowns. Think the honey is sick of sweatpants... if he didn't keep it so darned cold in this house...

I'm so sorry for the 7 side effects. As always, I'm sending many positive wishes into the air. :)

Betty S said...

Well, I wondered what caused the change in the weather. Now I know it was you.

Sounds like the side effects suck. On the next treatment, tell her you want more pills.

$4 !!!! Does the Penny's here in town do the same kind of sale or do I need to go to Dallas?

Sara said...

More pills is definitely the way to go. If you don't need them, no biggie, but if you do, then you've got them.

I hated to hear about your reactions to the Zometa. I'm glad you weren't flying the whole way by yourself.

I saw those pocket books at Hastings. They had one on belly dancing complete with navel jewel and those clapper things. Almost bought it! Maybe next trip.

Di said...

Ick!! The side effects sound terrible. Maybe you won't react like that again. I'm crossing my fingers and toes.... ;-P

hmmmm, I've taken a belly dancing course at the local college and have a set of the little finger triangles they use. But I never got me a BELLY BUTTON JEWEL! Think I need to rush out to Hastings... (doesn't that put a nauseating pic in your mind girls?) **LOL*


Debbie Behrens said...

Sounds like you had a great trip with your mom and sis. What an outstanding shopping coup! When it comes to sleepwear, I'll never get out of my thermal henley. Sexy, huh!