Monday, March 05, 2007

New Web Coming in Sight

It looks like Mr and Mrs Pinkie will probably be changing webs soon. Mr. Pinkie has been scouring the internet and we've looked at a couple. I swore I'd never move again, but I must admit, he's won me over to his side. We looked at one yesterday, and ooo-la-la was fabulous.

I went to Sheila's on Friday night to help them solidify their plans for the baby nursery, and it is going to be amazing. She doing it in knights, castles, wizards, and dragons. Her dh is going to make turrets to stand at each corner of the baby bed and a crenallated (the sawtooth pattern at the top of castle walls) shelf to go around three walls about a foot from the ceiling. A friend is going to paint a mural on the non-shelved wall, and we just learned another friend's daughter is mucho talented and can help too. Can't wait to get it done. My next step is to show up ready to paint next Saturday.

Which means, I need to get a lot of writing done this week, so here I go. Love you all!


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Betty S said...

What time Saturday?