Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Alfred Hitchcock Must Have Been From Oklahoma

There must be a million grackles hanging out on the overhead lines and in the trees around Walgreen's. I'm serious. They're lined up at least a quarter mile. And squaking - oh my lord! At least 90 decibels worth. It's like walking onto the movie set of The Birds. I never truly appreciated the finer points of migration until I moved to Oklahoma!

I'll never forget the first time I saw a migrating flock. These were smaller birds, but they filled the sky. I nearly had a wreck, I was so fascinated watching them. I'd rather they didn't poop on my car, of course, but I really do enjoy this time of year. One exception - grackles I could do without altogether.

Ah, spring...

Have I gotten all my bulbs in the ground you ask? Well (shuffling feet) not yet. I have close to 100 to go. Some are starting to come up - how exciting is that?

I love Oklahoma (because it rains here)! Nothing like living in the desert to make you appreciate all the little things like rain and birds and the great friends I've made here. Love you all!!


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Rinda Elliott said...

Later this year, the Starlings will return. They hang out in this massive--I'm talking massive--group that is so noisy, it gives you a headache. But when you startled them, they rise up in this black cloud and move together. Last year, my daughter and I both tried to capture them on film without success. I'm going to try again this year because it's something else.