Thursday, March 08, 2007

Dogs are a many splendored thing

My dogs are too funny. I was out working on the yard today. I'm planting bulbs, and I put some bone meal down as I went. My smaller dog (the one I posted the picture of with the popcorn bag stuck to his head) thinks I'm holding out on him now. He smells bone, and he wants it. When the other dog goes anywhere near where the bulbs are planted, Sam gets after him. WE don't want Max getting to the imaginary bone before he does. No sir!

The whole time I'm working out there, Sam's whining and barking at me wanting to know where I've hidden the bones. Then later, I come in, and the big dog, Max, starts licking the bone meal dust off my shoes.

Haaaa, that was a good laugh. Just so you'll know how many bulbs we're talking about, last fall I bought 40 grape hyacinths, 30 of some little white flower I forgot the name of, 40 red tulips, 60 crocuses, and 12 ferns. I never put them out, but I left them on the table outside and now they're sprouting. Now on to the spring bulbs. I have purchased 12 calla lilies to go with my one lonely one I've had for several years, 40 or so hostas, 40 or so caladiums, 4 arabian night dahlias (gorgeous), 12 astilbe, and that's all I can remember at the moment. Lord have mercy. I'm having a ball. Can't wait to see my yard in another few weeks.

Oh, and the grandkids and I started 24 each of trailing petunia, delphinium, and lavender in seed pods last week. The first seedlings poked their heads up today. I also got morning glory seeds to climb up the bare trellises in the dog's part of the yard. They dig up whatever potted stuff I put out, so I'm just going to scatter the seeds. The good thing about morning glories is you can't get rid of them if you try.

As you might suspect, I'm exhausted. Going to bed now. Happily. Very happy indeed. May the sun shine brightly in your world too!


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