Monday, June 26, 2006

Since this is Medieval Monday, I chose an image from the Medieval Bestiary. Not very good at pictures, were they? That doesn't look a thing like me! Perhaps with some tiny pink sandals and a lovely pink bow...and good heavens, which is the head and which is the butt?

For our Monday feast, I've decided to post a letter from Adonea, who stars in a novel in process called Dark Blessing, It's by an author who'll likely use the name Ava Donnellon, if her publisher will allow. Anyway, that's what we shall call her for now. She's graciously agreed to allow me to post Adonea's letter, but before I do that darlings, I want to let you in on a special treat for Web Worthy Wednesday. The one and only King Richard of White has agreed to be our guest poster - yes, yes, I hear your sighs of rapture all the way here. Be looking for that day after tomorrow!! Now to the letter:

Dearest Pinkie,

I am humbled and delighted for the opportunity to pen this letter for your - what do you call it? -- blog? You 21st century people are so very strange. The closest thing I can imagine is the rather long cow skin on which I write the recipes for my potions, and I certainly would not hang it out for all to see! In fact, I'd rather no one know of my magical powers.

Perhaps I would be better off in the 21st century. I've been terribly lonely of late. Uncle Aelfred is getting on in years, and little Jakin, whom I've taken under my care since shortly after his birth, is too young to be much of a companion. You see, my family sent me away to a convent long ago. They think I'm a changeling, an evil being left in the crib in place of their real baby. I escaped from the nun's cruelty and have been on my own ever since.

I would like to see my younger sister, Orphillia. She was but a babe when I last gazed upon her beautiful blue-eyed face. My friend, Lady Tess of Halford, keeps an eye on her for me through her spies.

I hear Tess's half-brother, that dastardly blackheart Eric the Daring has been ill of late. He most likely deserves it too, for it is his son that I care for after the child was abandoned by his unwed mother. I may be an outcast and tragically uncherished, but I'll never be so disconsolate as to seek the solace of that man's arms.

I should take my way to bed now. I feel the spirit will soon come upon me and drag me away to the next avenging. I should verily like to rid myself of that burden someday. Who next shall I kill? What soul shall I doom to wander the earth as its penance? I can only hope I shall be released from its compulsion when I have finally atoned for whatever sin brought this curse down upon me.

Most assuredly yours,

2 flies caught in my web:

Laura said...

Oh.. But she will be that disconsolate. See how I know the work of Ava Donellen so well? Have a lovely day Dahling. Send my regards to Adonea.

Laura said...

I misspelled Ava's last name. I'm sorry.