Friday, June 23, 2006

Feast your eyes on this beauty, darlings. This is the image I wish to send you off to your weekend with... This is my cousin Crabby. And for all you arachniphobes (King Richard...), I stumbled across a bit of an article I thought I'd share....

WHY ARE SPIDERS OUR FRIENDS? Even though they can bite, spiders are our friends. They eat more insects than birds do, especially yellow flies, which really bite people a lot. Spiders don’t see very well. If you stay more than a foot away from them, they can’t even see you, and they certainly can’t bite you. If a spider gets on you, the only thing it wants to do is get off. Don’t squash him; just flip him off. He may eat the bug that was going to sting you tomorrow!

Oh, and my dear friend Sara asked if we intentionaly crawl on people when they're sleeping...certainly not, darling. It's very dangerous. The average person swallows 7 spiders over the course of their lifetime - eew! Who wants to be swallowed by an icky human? Gives me chills just thinking about it!

Anyway, I'll leave you with this last thought:

HOW DO SPIDERS EAT? Spiders don’t chew their food. When they get to the bug in their web, they bite it and inject venom. The venom either paralyzes or kills the bug. Then the venom turns the bug’s insides into liquid. While the venom is working, the spider wraps the bug in silk. She may drink the liquid then, or tie the little silk bundle to her web so she can snack later.

Yummy - I'm off to the lake for a feast of water bugs! Ta ta!


4 flies caught in my web:

King Richard said...

My dearest Crabby~

First, we have Pinkie, now we are introduced to cousin Crabby? Through Pink’s own admissions, she is no threat. But you, Crabby? Nothing more than a sidestepping menace. But most assuredly, a fine, fine delectable treat.

I now have this insatiable desire for crab cakes. So, be wary lest you wander into King Richard’s salivating realm. The Royal Cooks take great pride in preparing Kingie’s favorite dish: Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes. Mmm-mm, Crabby, I can taste your mouth-watering composition. Shall I look for you snapping and scampering amongst the water bugs with your cousin, Pinkie? A toast, Crabby: to your final “Ta-ta…”

More wine, winch!

Betty S said...

Where did this interest in spiders come from? Me thinks you've been holding out.

Laura said...

Well, I was hungry...

Sara said...

I'm a little late on getting back to your blog ... those pesky cakes. I wonder how many spiders could have been saved if only I'd ready this a week ago.