Wednesday, September 30, 2009

There's a Scale in My Hotel Room Bathroom

What is up with that? This is Vegas! I thought the pounds you gain here stay here.......

I get the feeling God is tough-loving me into behaving, culinarily speaking, of course. Which is why He should have shown me the scale BEFORE I scarfed down 1/2 orange cranberry muffin and a croissant. You know, I really wish He'd just make me immune to calories. Unfortunately, He's got this thing about free will and self control. If you don't work for it, it's not worth having or some crap like that (LOL).

It's just after 9 where I am, and my body thinks it got to sleep until 11. Very happy.

I mistyped the resort where we're staying's name (was that real grammar?). It's Green Valley Ranch in Henderson NV. Very beautiful, but the casino is mostly slot machines (and not too many of the really cool ones. Lane was disappointed there were so few gaming tables. I saw my first craps table - don't know why it's the first (except from afar). That game is way too complicated for me. May try a little Blackjack if Lane goes with me. I know, I'm a horrible chicken about doing things unfamiliar to me. One minute I can be facing down the guns and the next I'm begging someone to hold my hand while we walk by those big bad card dealers and floor bosses (whatever they call them - they all look scary and mobsterish to me).

There's great shopping here on the resort along with a movie theater and arcade. Talk about self-contained. There's something like 12 restaurants. My favorite place is still The Golden Nugget.

Lane is a Randy Couture's gym (yes, THE Randy Couture) working out. Last time he worked out with a guy he'd heard of on UFC. Very cool. This time it's someone he hasn't heard of, but he was pretty excited just the same. Jiu Jitsu is such a fit for him.

Gotta tell a funny on the grandaughter. She's at that boundary pushing stage when they're transitioning fully from toddlers to school kids. Grandpa wouldn't call her Caroline (which is *not* her name, btw) and she told him she was going to spill her Gatorade all over the floor if he didn't.

I'm in the kitchen at this point with my back to them and all I hear is about spilling the Gatorade and then the sudden affirmation "I won't Grandpa! I promise I won't!" She'd gotten The Look. You know the song about not spitting into the wind or messing around with Jim? You should also consider not messing with Lane. Brooklynn still tried to push her position but she never got Grandpa to back down. I have to admit I found it somewhat amusing because it was like watching the little pea and the big pea facing off in the family pod.

Plan for today? Write, shower, lunch, gamble, nap, work on SS lesson, dinner, read more of THE DARKEST WHISPER and zonk out - with or without Lunesta remains to be seen.

By the way, THE DARKEST WHISPER is awesome. It's the first of Gena's novel that I didn't get to see at least part of during the writing stages, and I can't believe she pulled off such an awesome read without me - just kidding. Seriously, I'm loving it. Gwendolyn the Timid has to be my fav character of Gena's so far.

Life is good.

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