Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Friend is a Hit!!

My friend, Gena Showalter, has been bouncing around for a while on the New York Times bestseller list, she's been interviewed on local television, and now she's made her national television debut on Nightline. Follow the link below to see Nightline's piece on romance novels (very interesting how romance sales increase during stressful times like now) including Gena's interview.

What am I up to? Well, first of all, I'm terribly excited about Laura coming to town in mid-May. We're going to Dallas for a day to see my niece's baby (Laura's seeing him for the first time). She also has a new nephew here, who arrived in April. My mom and dad will be in Dallas as well - yay!

Secondly, I'm also terribly excited because at the end of May, I make my sort-of-quarterly sojourn to west Texas to see Mom and Dad again. We always have a great time and I generally get a lot done on whatever crafting project I have going on. This time I'll work on the scrap-recipe-books again.

Today I'm going to do some writing, yard work (yay!), and various and sundry chores. Yes, I really love yard work. I have several flower beds to level and a paver path to create, and I'm very excited about both projects. Lowe's delivered my retainer wall bricks and pavers a couple of weeks ago, but the weather and my obligations have not cooperated until now.

BTW, I'll also be participating in a Write-a-thon this weekend to benefit Susan G. Komen For the Cure this weekend. If you'd like to donate a penny a word (will end up costing you anywhere from $25 to $63 depending on how many words I write) or a flat amount of at least $5, you can email me or comment on this post. I'll be starting a new book with the Write-a-thon - yay!!

I'm also making my bf, Sheila, a surprise but I won't say what it is on here because she reads this blog. I'm only mentioning it to make her crazy - hehehe! love you, girl!

Well, daylight's burning, as they say, and I need to get busy. Hope to see you all soon!

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sheila said...

ha-ha-ha! Pinkie, you are one busy spyder! And yes, it worked! I am about to explode with curiosity, my lovely! Your TX trip sounds wonderful. I wish I had your green thumb with plants. You are so good at designing, inside and outside. I can't wait to see your flowerbeds. Dang, you have my curiousity piqued. Let's not forget how ornery you are. Wicked-wicked, indeed, hee-hee! but I love ya, bf! ; )