Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What happens in Vegas...

...has been really fun this time. More so than normal, I mean. It started out a bit rocky on Sunday night when the slot machines were ravenous and ate 1/2 my money in less than an hour.

We're staying at Mandalay Bay, and I haven't left the hotel since we got here Sunday afternoon. We ate steak and onion rings to die for Sunday night at a place called StripSteak.

This morning, Monday, I met my cousin Kenneth and Aunt Leota at the buffet here for breakfast. I can't believe we were all in Vegas together! The buffet was scrumptious and I ate like there was no tomorrow. It was so good, Lane and I ate supper there.

The gambling was awesome. I stretched my first hundred for several hours. I'd be way down and all of a sudden I'd win 35, 50, 60 dollars on a penny or nickel machine. I played several cat machines in honor of my bf Sheila, and they were very good to me. I also played a Green Stamps machine because I remember saving green stamps with my mom. It had some pretty good bonus features. At my last machine, I kept getting bonus spin after bonus spin and then special bonus spins until I'd racked up $282. Not bad from a $0.40 bet!

After that, Lane took me to a blackjack table. I'd been practicing online but was still too bashful to go play. We were betting $25 a hand, and I held my own for quite a while before ultimately loosing most of my chips. I had a blast.

We fly home tomorrow, and I'm ready to go home. Wednesday is critique night, and I'm ready to see my buds. Oh, btw, I also got about 2 hours worth of work done on the plane out here. Hope to do similar on the way back. I'm ready to get the current WIP done and get on with the next one.

To finish out the good news, my friend in the hospital has been taken off the ventilator - yay! She should get to go home soon, I hope. The sad thing is that it doesn't look good for her to get a lung transplant. It's doubtful she could survive the surgery. That really limits her days and In can easily imagine what that must feel like. I intend to support her with prayer for as long as she has.

Hope you're having a great day as you read this!

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