Monday, April 06, 2009

Dreamin' in Dallas

My buddies and I went to the DARA conference in Dallas this past weekend, and it was better than ever, I thought. They've always put on a great show, but this year seemed extra good. It was really hard deciding between the workshops.

Roxanne St. Clair was the kick-off speaker, and she did a great job. I wish they'd recorded the speeches and the workshops, but alas... This was the first time I'd met 'Rockie' as she's called and I'm totally in love with her! I have a couple of her novels in my TBR pile, and they're moving to the head of the line. Also got a free one at the conference (signed, of course!).

Vicky Lewis Thompson did the luncheon speech and was great, of course. We made sure we each got a different book of hers so we can trade and read all three. :-)

Bob Mayer did a couple of workshops I attended, and oh my gosh were they awesome. I learned several key things that will really help me. I can't wait to share them with my OKRWA friends.

I met Tessa Woodward of Avon, and though she didn't request my ms (they're not doing straight contemps right now), she did give me an excellent idea to strengthen the beginning. Plus she's a really nice gal.

I'm feeling really good this week. I slept much too late this morning, but when I do that, I feel so good all day. Truly rested. I wish I could sleep less and still feel that good, but it's not in the cards. Yesterday we were all really worn out because we drove to Dallas Friday night and came back late Saturday night. I didn't sleep much on Friday night, but I caught up yesterday and today. Now I'm feeling great which is important because I'm working out with my husband this evening. I asked him if I could so I can judge how much the workouts I'm doing on my own are helping me. I figure if I can hang with him, I'm doing super!

Getting down and dirty about the diet this week. I'm doing the low-carb kick off week of a diet I found in first magazine. 20 grams of carbs or less per day which means meat and salad all week. Then I start a regimen of high carb, low carb, and medium days (it's a lot easier than it sounds) to keep burning fat. I hate deciding what to wear every day because I've gained so much. It's time to get busy! Yeah! (oh crap!) hehehe!

I'm headed to Dallas again in mid-May for a pleasure trip. My daughter will be down from IN and we're going to spend the day with my mom, dad, sister, BIL, niece, nephew-in-law(?), and their beautiful new son. Cannot wait. Then on Memorial Day, I head down to west Texas to spend a few days with my mom and dad at their house. Love that time. We don't do a darn thing except work on our latest craft projects and watch movies. Ahhhhhh. Love it.

Love you all,

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