Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sunsets and Sanity

Life is good when you can look out your back door and see such a drop-dead gorgeous sunset. I especially needed this today as I've been even crankier that yesterday. The last couple of days have featured messed up sleep (last night I didn't fall sleep until around 4:30). The night before wasn't much better, so tonight is definitely a Lunesta night. Anyway, I ended up in the line from hell at WalMart. The girl was training and none too smart to begin with. Then the b*t@h, I mean chick in front of me wrote a check - Who (other than my elderly mother) writes checks these days? Holy cow!! Total time spent in line: 45 minutes. Yeah, I called and complained. Evidently I threw a big enough fit that the experienced cashier helped the girl catch the line up after I left.
On a positive note, I'm loving doing Dance Dance Revoloution for my cardio. I've upped my calorie burn as I get better and better at the game. It's tons of fun. I also got wrist weights since I've reached a plateau on my Wii tennis. *That* upped the difficulty factor (and messed up my score a little, but I'm catching back up).
My Wii tennis and weight workouts on my arms have paid off. When I went for my treatment last time, the nurse who did my bloodwork found a new vein that accessed super easy, and the next day the treatment IV slid effortlessly into still another new vein. Thank goodness because we were doing 4-5 sticks per visit, including very painfully digging trying (unsuccessfully) to make some of them work.
Also, I'm really glad Megan and Anoop didn't get kicked off of Idol. I thought Jasmine was a bad choice for wildcard from the start, but I thought Jorge would do better. What do they say? Song choice, song choice, song choice!! My favorites though are Adam, Danny, and Alexis (I'd forgotten all about Dirty Diana - kudos Alexis) - this week anyway. Can wait to see how next week goes.
Even cranky, I love you guys!

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