Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Time for a doctor visit rant...

Went to the colon doctor, had my teeth cleaned and went to the general practitioner today. I now have a CT scan (that was previously scheduled) tomorrow, an MRI (for my shoulder problem which looks like a rotator cuff thing) on Monday, blood work on Monday for my next Zometa treatment, oncologist visit and Zometa treatment on Tuesday, and (drum roll, please) a colonoscopy on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Oh, and I need to schedule an eye exam sometime between now and the end of the year - woo hoo!


There will not be an inch of my body - inside and out, mind you - that someone will not have looked at up close and personal, trimmed, scraped, pinched, or pictorialized by the time my life is said and done. This is not how I pictured middle age.

Oh, and did I tell you I read an article today in O magazine that said our noses and ears will appear larger as we grow older? The facial hair, I knew about. Ditto with the droopy cheeks and chins, but my *nose* is going to droop too???? Aw, man...

Okay, enough of that. Uh, oh. Just checked the clock, and I'm late for supper - then prayer group and choir - we'll pick this up tomorrow. Same spyder time. Same spyder channel.

Kiss, kiss, hugs, hugs!!

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