Friday, November 17, 2006

Okay - best bumper sticker of the year award:

DON'T HONK - Driver Trying to Sleep

Is that not hysterical??? I *want* one of those - except I don't like bumper stickers on my car (go figure). Another I liked from a few years ago at the Air Force Academy in Colorado had a picture of a bomber jet and said "When it Absolutely, Positively Must be Destroyed Overnight." Love it!

Went to see my office buddies today - always a pick-me-up. [G - take my advice, babe. Preserve your sanity for those beautiful twin grandsons!!] I'm so glad I don't live too far. We've all been together for going on 8 years now, and I don't know how to live without them!

Heard from another writing buddy, Deborahanne MacGillivray. Her new book is out and I heartily recommend anything this gal writes. I'll be getting my copy very, very soon (hurry up, UPS!) Here's the blurb:

Ms. MacGillivray has not only done it again, she's put an entirely new and wonderful twist on the saying! This latest effort has upped the bar for contemporary romance novels today and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt she is an author to watch! B. A. Montgomerie has the daunting task of not only being the sole, eligible woman on an isle of over 200 braw and bonnie Scotsman, but being the Lady of the Isle, is the reason they cannot find wives. Falgannon is home to a centuries old curse boding that no man will sire daughters or find happiness in marriage unless The Lady of the Isle weds a black haired, green-eyed Irishman. As you can imagine, these Scot laddies are none too pleased. So when a man fitting the bill stumbles onto their peaceful island, these peculiar and hilarious characters set to matchmaking. Desmond Mershan has only one thing in mind when he steps foot on Falgannon, and it's not breaking some silly curse. For years he has planned and waited to take his revenge on the Montgomerie clan. However, no amount of caution or planning could have prepared him for the formidable cat and an even more remarkable woman he found hidden like the most rare of treasures on the island. B.A. awakens in him emotions he thought he'd long buried under years and years of hate, and he finds himself almost too willing to let her love assuage his soul. But when the time comes for him to follow through with his plan, will Desmond be able to let go of his past to start a future with B.A? Or will both he and the island Scots forever be doomed to live a life without love?

Speaking of writing buddies, a group of my south-dwelling writing buddies is getting together at my house this weekend for a writing/plotting/brainstorming weekend since the hubby is out of town. I have to get the ms done in time to overnight to the Golden Heart contest (arrival deadline is Dec. 4). I'll also email it to the interested (woo hoo!) agent and hope she likes it well enough to take me on.

Things are going well. I'm working on a new life routine that supports my health, fitness, spiritual, writing, and family goals, and it feels really, really good. Next week, I plan to get this blog organized into daily offerings for all of you so you can follow along with your own healthy and happy living accomplishments. Talk to you then!

Hugs and sweet little spyder kisses!

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