Sunday, November 26, 2006

Out-of-commission-Monday Post

Black Friday was a great and fun success for me (praise God!). MIL & I showed up at Walmart at a little after 4am (and yes, we consider this fun...). I parked my cart by the Dora TV/DVD combos for the granddaughter and MIL scooted over to the meat section where the grownup TV's were stashed. Just to give you a picture: all the doorbusters were on pallets in various aisles. The pallets were covered with brown paper and polywrapping with a sign saying what they contained. You had to wait until 5am for an employee to come open your pallet and then it was off to the races.

This was my first Black Friday Walmart experience (we usually start at Best Buy), and it wasn't half bad. People were really cool except one guy who got a heel creamed by a shopping cart and was taking it out on his wife. This is why you should *not* bring the dh unless he's fully invested in the prize hunt. They get overwhelmed and turn vicious (hehehe).

Okay, I got the TV and headed for the next gift (which shall remain nameless since the designated recipient reads this blog). I had heard from an off-duty employee that WalMart hadn't gotten many of these in, so I held little hope of getting my hands on one. Oh me of little faith. When I got to that department, I learned they hadn't found the pallet with these on them yet. Turns out they were under something else. They found them while I was standing there. Got one for me and one for the unnamed one...

Headed for the next item (the identity of which escapes me at the moment - I'm nearly to the point where I can wrap my own Xmas presents and hide my own Easter eggs...) and a similar thing happened. They found them just as I was - ah! I remember what it was - Game Boy Advance games 2 for 19.99. I got there just as they found them and grabbed 3 packs. Nevermind that I hadn't bought the Game Boy Advance yet - that's a later story.

Checked out and on the way out to the car realized the SB cards I'd bought did not say they were $1.88 (what a great price - I grabbed 4). They said they were 1gb (I gotta wear my glasses more often). The price was $13.87 each. Had to return 3 of them later that night. The other I need for the dh gift.

Headed for Radio Shack (for MIL & SIL), then to Home Depot for a FIL gift (super cool). They were already out, but we saw what looked like an abandoned cart with one in it. Asked the sales person, and he asked the guy at the register who said, "I have one right here that a guy didn't want after all." - Woo hoo!! Bought the gift immediately (along with two instant cell phone chargers I had to return because I wasn't smart enough to check for the proper connectors on the back...)

On to Sears! SIL was at Sears south location earlier and checked for my Game Boy Advance - they stopped carrying game systems. On the way north, I called the other Sears to make sure they had the games. Yes, they did. When I got there one guy thought they were out. Another said there were three. Another lady was ahead of me looking for the same thing. A gal checked the back and thankfully found two (whew!). The other gal wanted the pink one, and was trying to talk her friend into taking the other. Of course, I immediately grabbed the blue one from the sales clerk's hand and headed for the checkout. (I was very sweet but firm about it.)

Went to Michael's and spent money on myself (I didn't want anyone to be left out!) and learned they did not carry the perfect gift I wanted for my dh. Went to the Wherehouse (now FYE) and got a couple of key gifts (one for my daughter to give me for Xmas). We stopped and ate breakfast and headed to Kohl's around ten. SIL and I rushed around gathering up gifts while my genius MIL found the fastest moving line (they were out of the perfect gift for the dh). We were in and out of there in about 45 minutes when it should have taken at *least* two hours.

Nixed Gordman's and every other store on my list (that's why you go in order of importance). Went home and listed what I'd bought and what was still needed for our Dallas shopping trip next week. Made sure I'd charged the right amounts on my card and the dh's card (we split by families - his checking account never knows what my checking account is doing and vice versa - hehehe). Got online at Best Buy and finally ordered perfect gift for dh for only $10-20 more than the other places. Still cheap.

Fell into bed and slept 5 hours. Did I mention I was going on 2 hours sleep from the night before? Was groggy the rest of the evening...

Ah, good times had by all! Black Friday has been one of my favorite days of the year (maybe the favorite) since my MIL inducted me into the ranks 3 years ago. Part of the fun is being done.

Did I say done? On the news this morning, I learn of Cyber Monday - holy cow, you mean it's not over? Evidently the online merchants want to get in on the action, so they're staging a big early morning sale of their own. Excuse me while I faint...

Okay, I'm back. I don't think I'll be participating in Cyber Monday this year. These things take preparation and planning. Intestinal fortitude. Ah, speaking of which - the colonoscopy is tomorrow which is why I'm posting today. I've drank the first bottle of lovely Magnesium Citrate and I have stocked up on liquids for my clear liquid diet today. The one high spot is the jello.

Okay, time to get serious now. Monday is meditation day, and I'll keep it simple. Next Sunday begins Advent which is the looking forward to celebrating Jesus' birth. We sing carols of His coming and meditate on the story of Mary and Joseph. My mission this month is to truly celebrate Advent as was originally intended. As I go through my many Christmas traditions, I plan to keep Jesus and my gratitude for His work here on earth in the center of it all. Even spyders need salvation, ya know.

Love you all!

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chrystal casey said...

I always do black friday with my cousin and I love it too. You can always find good cheap gifts and the scrambling around is part of the fun. Hope the test turned out ok.

Anonymous said...

We had our turkey day while you shopped.

Sounds like you, your MIL & SIL are one hell of a shopping team! ;-D

Wish I was started...