Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Well, the boring times are over. My dad fell and broke his hip Sunday, and I'm going nuts here wanting to get to him. I had my quarterly CT scan yesterday, and I have my doctor appt and treatment tomorrow. Then I can leave town.

He had a partial hip replacement yesterday and seemed to tolerate the surgery very well. They got him up and sat him in a chair today. Mom said it was very slow and painful. Tomorrow they'll stand him up. Thursday, he'll move down to the physical therapy floor for about a week. Mom hopes he'll go home after that, but most likely he'll go into a rehab facility for a couple of weeks.

I'm checking out rehab facilities here and will try to get them to come live with me while dad recovers. Both will hate not getting to go home, but Darlene and I just can't keep traveling back and forth and Mom will need the help.

Scary stuff.

The wind is blowing like crazy today. It blew all our chairs into the pool, so Lane will have something to do when he gets home from work. I have lots to do to get ready to go, but it's hard not to just sit and worry. I'm pretty down in the dumps today.

I'd better go and get busy. Hopefully the time will go faster.


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